West-end Take-out [Food/Vendor]

Nov 29
Friday night is traditionally the family take-out and movie night. Unfortunately, the kids are getting tired of the same choices so I am looking for non-pizza suggestions from the collective OF wisdom. To give you some context, we are in the Westboro area and current take-out favourites include Nokham Thai, Pho Van Van, Les Grillades, Cozmos, Shawarma Palace, MHK Sushi, Ho Ho (the kids) and Mia's (the adults). We have tried Pita Bell but it was not well-liked (too greasy) and Crispy's was well received but fried chicken is rarely high on the list.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Nov 29
If your family likes Chinese Yang Sheng is good and they deliver. Also on the Asian theme is the Vietnamese Kitchen and they also deliver. (You can also pick up at both places if you prefer.)

If you like Indian food there is the East India Company and you can pick up or they deliver.

Nov 29
Siam Bistro is VERY good Thai, i would argue better than Nokham. Pad Thai tends to go over well w younger eaters and they make a damn good one. And their 'Floating Rama' Thai chicken in peanut sauce with happiness and joy' is pretty much unique among Thai places in the city as far as i know.

Takeout only, no delivery last i was there.

Nov 29
I agree with Osolomeal, Siam Bistro is fantastic. Here are a few of my suggestions:

-Pupusas from La Cabana

-Vietnamese from the Pho Shack

-Cheese / meat and cheese / meat / zataar pies from Aladdin Lebanese bakery

-Lasagna or other fresh pasta from Parma Ravioli

Ps, if you like Sushi you may want to give Sushi Umi a try. I like it more than MHK and have been to both many times.

Nov 30
Seconding Parma. I do not know whether they have their hot food counter going around dinner-time on Fridays but if they do i would recommend anything in there. If not, their 'foccacia slices' are essentially massive thick heavily loaded pizza squares, and awesome. If you have time to warm stuff up any of the prepped/fridged pastas and other foods (shepherd's pie!) are great.

Also, pies.... if their homemade pies do not bring you warm head-to-stomach happiness you are clearly cold and dead inside, possibly a zombie.

Dec 3
Thanks for the suggestions. I am often at Siam Bistro for lunch yet never think of it for take out. Will have to give it a try. "Swimming Rama" is one of our regular dishes from Nokham so I will have to try Siam's Floating Rama.

Parma's stuffed pastas are almost always in our freezer for quick weekday options. I don't think the hot bar is still running at night but will check it out.

I have driven past La Cabana for years and have never tried it so we will definitely add it to the list.

Dec 3
Hee.... Rama took some swimming lessons since the last time i was there... that's the proper name for the dish. I didn't see it at Nokham but likely an oversight on my part. Bistro's version is excellent.