Last minute Xmas lunch ideas [General]

Nov 29
Any leads on a place where we can book a last minute lunch for about 25 - central location ( no suburbs) and vegetarian friendly?

Nov 29
North and Navy has a private dining room that they opened for lunch time parties last year during Christmas season.
Town might open up Citizen.
The white room at the Wellington Gastropub is pretty great.
Most places are usually pretty eager to try to accommodate a group that size if they can

Nov 29
Albion Rooms, ask for one of the upper rooms if the dining room isn't free.
Three Brewers.
Joey's Rideau.

Dec 1
Not sure if any availability but...
Play Food and Wine has their second floor which accommodates up to 26. Excellent food, service, view and atmosphere.

Dec 3
Johnny Farina.
East India Company.
Three Brewers.
Restaurant on second floor of the Delta hotel.
Madisonís in Minto Place.
Baton Rouge.