Ginkgo Nuts [Science]

Nov 8
Passed by a female - could have been male before, they roll like that - Ginkgo tree on Metcalfe Street. I took this shot of the ground loaded with "fruit" and made a mental note to return with a bag as I have wanted to try collecting a bunch to get (wearing rubber gloves and a nose plug) the nuts inside to roast. Dinosaurs may have loved the smell. Ha.
The flesh really smells and not in a good way but the nuts inside (I've heard) are super.
They are beauties - they look like big yellow-white cherries and have a luminescent green nut in the shell inside.
But I returned and someone beat me to it. ALL gone but the smushed ones.
WAS IT YOU?! ; )

Nov 9
I seen people bring ladders and pick them from the trees in the Arboretum. There aren't many female Ginkgos in the City.