Looking for light breakfast recommendations [General]

Oct 16
An out of town friend will be visiting Ottawa this weekend and she would like to meet up with me for a light breakfast on Saturday morning. She will be going to a luncheon on Saturday so she would prefer lighter fare for breakfast. I was thinking of maybe going to Bridgehead or Bread and Sons but I was wondering if anyone has other ideas? We would prefer somewhere downtown...

Oct 16
Bread and Sons isn't open Saturday.

If you mean Bridgehead on Bank a block or so from there, i'd check those hours too.

Near there Eggspectations is open and has a huge menu, plenty of lighter fare.

I'd go with the Scone Witch tho.

Oct 17
I second Scone Witch. Good Eats is an option as well, and the last time I was at Benny's Bistro the portions were so small it could definitely quality as a light breakfast.

Oct 23
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I sent my friend a list of the recommendations above with links so she can see if the menu and price is suitable. She picked the Scone Witch so that's where we went. Review to follow...

Oct 24
I WIN!!!!!

...sorry, sorry, got carried away there....