Weisswurst? [General]

Sep 8
I used to buy this from the now defunct Sausage Kitchen in the market. Do any Germanophiles know of any other butcher in town that makes them?

Sep 8

In addition to Weisswurst, I'm still looking for authentic Swiss-style Cervelat (like Knackwurst but so much better).

Sep 8
I too am looking. My go to used to be Bank Street Sausage and Deli, but they closed down a couple of years ago. Haven't found anything locally made that equals their wurst, yet.

Sep 9
William J. Walter is just across the river and they have just about every sausage you could ever think of. You may have to call ahead in some cases.

Sep 9
I think Ivan's Deli in Stittsville might carry them but not 100%, so maybe call first. Their sausages are very good regardless though, so a trip wouldn't be wasted. I think I remember seeing them there but might be mistaken.

Another good place for sausages, but I was there recently and don't remember seeing Weisswurst, is Adam's in the east end off St. Laurent.

We were also longtime customers of the Sausage Kitchen.

Sep 14
I was at westboro market a few weeks ago and the sausage stand by the farmer in Navan apparently is employing someone that used to work at sausage kitchen.... they had a smoked Marquez that I need to try

Sep 16
I just had a couple of the ones from WJW (my post above) and they were excellent. Nice and smooth in texture, not too juicy, pleasant casing, perfect with mustard. The character of the meat was very subtle so that you actually needed some mustard to add some more flavour.

Sep 29
Saw wiessewurst earlier today at the European Delicatessen on Merivale road.