App8 Payment [Food/Vendor]

Sep 1
I used Ottawa's own ingenious App8 ( restaurant payment app for the first time at The Clocktower Brew Pub and I'm seriously impressed! This app eliminates the 5-15 minutes at the end of your meal, during which bills are requested, handed out, and payment terminals are passed wastefully back and forth between server and diners.

The way it works:
* You check into the restaurant using the app when you arrive.
* When ordering your first item, you tell the server you're using App8 and specify your name.
* Items show up immediately in the app as you order them and you see a running tab including tax and adjustable tip.
* At the end of the meal you simply hit the payment button in the app and walk out while waving a thank you to your server.

This is one of those rare inventions that benefits everyone. Servers spend less time captive and useless while customers retry PINs on payment terminals. Customers spend less time waiting for bills and for everyone at their table to pay. Tables spend less time occupied, thus increasing turnover for the restaurant. Awesome!

Sep 19
OSoloMeal, as far as I know you can't use Uber/Skip for table service at restaurants. That's what's new with App8!

I'm happy to share a new similar app I just learned of today: upkū (

This one is less polished than App8 but it already allows in-app menu browsing and ordering plus payment for table service or takeout. So far, only one restaurant is supported: Asian Alley.

Exciting times indeed!