Opening 2018! (continued) [Food/Vendor]

2018 Aug 31
TOPIC continued from Forum - Opening 2018!

I am off to Big Daddy's on Elgin this evening for happy hour.

2018 Sep 7
I noticed a new restaurant to be opening next to Koichi Ramen on Somerset St West. It used to be a building that housed Season's Pizza and residential units (and maybe a hair stylist). There was no signage as to when Somerset View is expecting be opening.

2018 Sep 9
A sign just went up for a Japanese place called J•Unique, at 381 Cooper, where Rawlicious used to be. Nothing posted as far as an opening date goes.

Edit: they've got an Instagram account, looks like it'll be a "Vancouver style" sushi joint

2018 Sep 10
Coconut Lagoon - There was a liquor permit application notice in the window for Coconut Lagoon at 140 O'Connor (corner of Laurier St.) last week. Windows are now covered in brown paper. Very exciting to have them downtown!

2018 Sep 10
Coconut Lagoon is opening downtown?

COCONUT LAGOON IS OPENING DOWNTOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!etc ad infinitum!!!!s...

2018 Sep 13
Is this a second restaurant or are they moving? The St Laurent location is close enough to where I work to make it an occasional lunch option.

2018 Sep 14
I can’t imagine them shutting down the St. Laurent location so soon after a major renovation.

2018 Sep 17
Further research (utter hearsay and conjecture) suggests it's a second location, not a move.

2018 Sep 18
Former Menchie's location on Merivale has a sign up for Sansotei Ramen.

2018 Sep 18
Has had it for months and we've been discussing it for just as long in the old opening thread. Soft open is Sept 22nd I hear

2018 Sep 18
Has had it for months and we've been discussing it for just as long in the old opening thread. Soft open is Sept 22nd I hear

2018 Sep 19
Noticed that the Kaashi food centre (great little Indian place), has vacated the corner of Somerset and Booth. Looked like there is a new hipster joint starting up in its place. Anyone know what it is? I saw a hashtag driving quickly by, but not enough time to register what it actually said - it has #613_____too in it I think...

2018 Sep 19
Went past Sansotei Ramen on Merivale yesterday and they had an open sign on their door.

2018 Sep 19
Kaashi Food Centre is now Too Beaucoup. One of the owners is the former sommelier from Supply and Demand. They have a FB page

2018 Sep 19
Anyone else think Too Beaucoup is a bit of an ill-advised name for a business with a lot of Vietnamese neighbours?

[YouTube video of "Too Beaucoup" scene from Full Metal Jacket deleted by admin due to family-unfriendly content.]

2018 Sep 19
Whoa, that does seem in poor taste! :O

Sorry I had to delete the video. Can't believe that movie is from 1987!

2018 Sep 20
Do you think they even know that reference? I did not, and I thought the name was clever.

2018 Sep 20
I can’t imagine starting a business without Googling the name first. The only results are references to Full Metal Jacket, and a clothing company that mentions Full Metal Jacket in its bio.

2018 Sep 20
A quick Googling shows the top few results are specifically about the Full Metal Jacket scene. I'm not sure the term is racist but I'm also not sure you would want to reference that particular scene for the name of your restaurant.


2018 Sep 20
Currently sitting in the new Sansotei Ramen. There is a line. We made a bunch of people upset because we were seated before them. Note, chances for seating opportunities are better if you show up in groups of 2. I just flashed my Ottawa Foodies badge and they found me a table.

Standard excellent experience. Gyoza wasn't as flavourful as I'd have liked, but still really good. The tonkotsu black and shoyu ramen were delicious and earthy.

The soft-boiled egg was a bit overdone.

They gave me thin noodles instead of the thick noodles I ordered.

None of these qualms are going to diminish the experience very much, and I realize that they haven't even officially opened yet, but that's my report.

2018 Sep 24
I did not realize that Sansotei are a chain! Whoa!

2018 Sep 24
Liquor license and patio application for "Eldorado (sic?) Taco" is up in the window of 170 Preston -- the street level storefront of a condo building at that address, about a block or two south of the Bridgehead

2018 Sep 29
OCCO Kitchen is opening a downtown location in February 2019 (corner of Albert & Bay). They currently have two locations, both in Orleans. Great news!!

2018 Oct 1
Rabbit Hole (oysters and libations) to be opening next to Brixton on Sparks Street (in the old Farmteam Cookhouse spot).

2018 Oct 2
Looks like a new coffee shop around the corner from the Morning Owl Parkdale, around where the brewery used to be - Jamari Espresso House. (

2018 Oct 3
The windows are papered over at Da Bombe, rumour is a new Ministry of Coffee.

2018 Oct 10
Wilf & Ada’s posted on Facebook about a new “little sister” restaurant “down the street” called NOSH that will be opening soon.

2018 Oct 10
ooooooooo.... i have deep love for W&A, so anything they open, i'm there.

2018 Oct 10
Re: Nosh
In the former Pomeroy space.
Word is Tapas and small plates.

2018 Oct 10
According to Instagram looks like Ben Baird (Formerly Urban Pear, STREAT truck) now Oat Couture is opening a grilled cheese place called Skilled Cheese.

2018 Oct 10
But where? TELL ME WHERE

2018 Oct 10
There is an obscurely located new spot called Barone, located on Winston Avenue down the street from the Piggy Market on the opposite side of the street at the next corner. (

2018 Oct 10
J:Unique (Japanese Cuisine) will be opening up in 381 Cooper St (where Rawlicious used to be). They’ll be highlighting Vancouver style sushi.

2018 Oct 11
"Ben Baird (Formerly Urban Pear, STREAT truck) now Oat Couture is opening a grilled cheese place called Skilled Cheese."


2018 Oct 11
Apparently skilled cheese is going to be a delivery only ghost kitchen concept to test it out, for now. I'm still looking forward to late night grilled cheese.

2018 Oct 12
So i can wiggle my fingers over the magic square thingy and have killer grilled cheese delivered to my house???


2018 Oct 13
Coconut Lagoon's downtown place:

According to the Coconut Lagoon website - Oct 15th.

2018 Oct 15
delivered grilled cheese? Really? That sounds almost as bad as delivered fries. There are some things that you really should eat as soon as they are cooked.

2018 Oct 16
OPEN - Chili Chili restaurant in the place where Spicy Legend used to be. Its a chinese restaurant. I didn't get a chance to see the menu.

2018 Oct 17
This is the front door of what used to be Pomeroy House.

2018 Oct 17
Well that was fast

2018 Oct 17
It’s unsurprising that there was such a quick turnaround on the Pomeroy House. The space was really nice, well maintained, and still owned by Ion.
All he needed to do was fire the existing staff and find replacements.

2018 Oct 18
The building that used to be a KFC, and then Hintonburger, on Wellington has been given a corporate make-over in the right colours and is going to become a . . . Domino's Pizza.

2018 Oct 18
There is a new-ish place for pizza, pasta and paninis on Gladstone right beside The Noodle House called Bello e Buono (

2018 Oct 18
eight- please say it ain't so about Domino's! I drove by the other day and noticed work being done, but didn't notice the colours.

2018 Oct 18
Isn't there a Pizza Pizza right across the street and Anthony's most excellent pizza place ... no, that's a couple of blocks up. Nevermind.

Sure. Why not. I actually would have preferred Little Caesar's, though.

2018 Oct 21
Coco Fresh Tea & Juice will be opening at Bank St & Somerset St West (where Second Cup used to be). Bubble Tea and fresh juices.

2018 Oct 26
Delivery grilled cheese?? Boston pizza already has that and it is not that great.

Most pizza places have garlic cheese bread and deliver and they are never great.
Dominos has some cheese bread sticks and they are ok.

Sounds interesting anyways....

2018 Oct 26
Manotick Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Parlour (

2018 Oct 27
For those interested, here is the skinny on how the delivery grilled cheese thing works.

2018 Oct 28
Café My House to close and morph/relocate into Alice next spring ( (

2018 Oct 28
Delivery grilled cheese that doesn’t suck + legalized cannabis = profit

2018 Nov 1
Copper branch, plant-based fast food chain restaurant, opening in Barrhaven at Strandherd Crossing very soon.

2018 Nov 1
Queen St. Fare - Ottawa Food Hall - Opening December 7th

2018 Nov 1
The restaurant which Coconut Lagoon is opening downtown is a called Thali. Opening mid-November

140 O'Connor (corner of Laurier St.)

2018 Nov 2
Mixed feelings about Thali, I can't help but think about how it'll hurt the mom'n'pop Indian place just around the corner on Gloucester (Indian Curry House, where Rangoon used to be).

2018 Nov 2
Competition is good. If they both provide delicious Indian food for a fair price there are enough customers nearby.

2018 Nov 2
Copper Branch, a vegan chain from Quebec, at Constitution Square, with Barrhaven and Trainyards to come (

2018 Nov 2
That's an awfully reductive take to make with a straight face, OSoloMeal. Thali could have mediocre food and still shut out the little guy just on account of the name recognition and a bit of razzle-dazzle (like communal tables 'ideal for laptops and co-working,' per their website).

2018 Nov 3
Flandroid - Have you been to Coconut Lagoon?

2018 Nov 4
Jasper, in the space recently vacated by the Beechwood Gastropub, opening soon.

2018 Nov 4
OSoloMeal, yes, why do you ask?

2018 Nov 5
Because this isn't a big evil chain restau with monster money cutting out a local momnpop. Coconut Lagoon is a successful local business that expanded to a second location with Thali, so it seems to me it's 'reductive' to slam them for fairly obvious marketing to the downtown crowd because that may draw business away from another local business. At the end of the day the food will count for more, i think.

2018 Nov 5
OSoloMeal, yes, why do you ask?

Edit: Awww, you broke the chain

2018 Nov 5
Sorry James... if you like, just pretend i posted

"Jasper, in the space recently vacated by the Beechwood Gastropub, opening soon."

2018 Nov 5
So it's OK for one mom 'n pop shop to cut out another (smaller) mom 'n pop shop but not OK if the first is a big chain? I'm not sure the owners of Indian Curry House are going to care that Thali is another local business or not if they're out of business either way.

If you're a true believer in competition being good and always results in better food then you shouldn't care if the new place is independent or location #548 of Mega Curry Inc. best food wins, right?

I'm playing devil's advocate here, I don't believe any business has a right to be successful or anything and do think competition is generally good. Still, the concern that a preferred place might go out of business because new competition with a bigger name, and likely deeper pockets, comes around is perfectly valid, even if those pockets aren't Mega Curry Inc. big. I think most Indian restaurants in the city would have a hard time fighting against the reputation and investment that Coconut Lagoon currently has.

2018 Nov 5
"So it's OK for one mom 'n pop shop to cut out another (smaller) mom 'n pop shop but not OK if the first is a big chain?"

Yes. I am wholly OK with that.

"Still, the concern that a preferred place might go out of business because new competition with a bigger name, and likely deeper pockets, comes around is perfectly valid, even if those pockets aren't Mega Curry Inc. big."

It's a fair opinion and i would fight (or at least argue with semi serious conviction until the beer runs out) for your right to it, but, me, i draw a line between local and mega, but i don't parse out local to the point that one is prevented from expanding because someone else is going to be impacted.

But hey, that's just my opinion.

2018 Nov 6
Where was this discussion when it was posted that OCCO kitchen was opening another spot in Centretown as posted by Aldente?

2018 Nov 6
Jasper is not opening a location anywhere downtown, to the best of my knowledge, but will be opening in New Edinburgh on Friday. . . . . . .it seems to be a bar-like place, based on my observations.

2018 Nov 6
Jasper will be run by Andre Schad owner of Tavern by the Falls and Tavern on the Hill.

2018 Nov 6
Stratford-born coffee joint Balzac's is opening a location at Friel and Laurier "soon" according to an ad in Edible Ottawa.

2018 Nov 6
Stubbe's Chocolates has been open for a week now at their new digs at Holland and Wellington, and I finally dropped by. The kitchen is done and their refrigerated displays are in place, but they don't have their cabinets set up yet. Folding tables will have to do until then. The same quality chocolate and the best truffles you will find locally are available once again in a much better spot than the market.

2018 Nov 7
To be clear, I'm not about to start some campaign against CL/Thali, business is business. My initial sentiment was just 'shucks, that's gonna suck for Indian Curry House, they're good and also lean heavily on [small-T] thali.' I also think the co-working/laptop-friendly angle is a weird one at a restaurant offering assortments of wet food on a platter, but I never bothered getting an MBA.

TheTrunkDr gets it, devil's advocate or not. If Thali doesn't last, there's still Coconut Lagoon over there, all successful and stuff. If it puts Indian Curry House out of business and then goes bust, well frig, that'll suck.

I wish both of them luck, but I'll always root for the underdog if they're good at what they do. It's a tougher business for some than for others.

[re: the chain, did I accidentally post multiples?]

2018 Nov 7
The Mandarin's Kanata location has finally opened:

2018 Nov 11
Midnight’s Mac & Cheese Cabin ("Ottawa’s 1st Mac & Grilled Cheese Food Cabin!") ( (

2018 Nov 11
Same thread, something called Pudgyboy’s on Bank, doing sliders.

2018 Nov 11
I walked by this in the Glebe. It will be opening where Morning Owl used to be (next to Rosie's). I hope they'll carry cereals we don't have here (ie. Special K Cinammon Pecan, Fruity Pebbles, Rice Crispy Treats, etc.) UPDATE: Chili Chili in chinatown is an asian hot pot restaurant.

2018 Nov 13
Bistro Ristoro, 17 Clarence Street ( (

2018 Nov 13
New Ottawa brewer (with an almost unbelievably annoying website!) - Local Lager (

2018 Nov 13
While I don't think they identify as such, Blumenstudio on Parkdale has a "cereal bar" (if this can be defined as a selection of cereals behind a bar). So not sure that Jam, above, can lay claim to being first. But Blumenstudio is actually a florist, so maybe yes: (I'm not affiliated with B, just an occasional happy customer.)

2018 Nov 15
Rosie's is now Bowman's on Bank (the original Bowman's still exists). (

2018 Nov 15
Crud. I will so miss those ribs.

2018 Nov 16
Bite Burger House on Tenth Line in Orleans (

2018 Nov 17
J:unique Kitchen opening this coming Tuesday. "Owner chef is from Vancouver and he and his wife will present Vancouver style sushi."

No address given on their social media. 🙄

Googling shows it at the former Rawlicious site (381 Cooper St).

2018 Nov 27
Nom Nom Kitchen will be opening up on Bank Street (corner Nepean - ex Greco on Bank)

2018 Nov 28
Is this a second location to NomNom on Montreal road?

If so *RUN* (do not walk) and get the spicy Korean noodles.

2018 Nov 29
For 9 whole hours on December 7, Au Pied de Cochon products ( ( ( You preorder from the website, and pick it up at 1144 Old Innes Rd. (near Innes and Bantree).

2018 Nov 29
Walking distance to the office, guess what I'm having for dinner next Friday.

2018 Nov 30
House of Cheese & Deli, Barrhaven, a bit of a mystery (

2018 Nov 30
House of Cheese is the name of the place in the Byward Market too.

2018 Nov 30
House of Cheese & Deli was probably one of the weaker Rob Zombie films, but darn did it make me hungry

2018 Nov 30
I feel a Monty Python bit coming on. . . . . . .

2018 Nov 30
Monty Python you say?

2018 Dec 3
Rabbit Hole, 208 Sparks (not quite open) ( ( Edited to note it is now open ( I guess people will say they are going down the rabbit hole.

2018 Dec 3
Coconut Lagoon's THALI is now open.

2018 Dec 4
Too Beaucoup has changed its name to Corner Peach after backlash on Instagram (2018...). I only just found out, despite mentioning here that I thought the name was in poor taste back in September.

The comment thread in question is here:

and their official response here:

2018 Dec 5
House of Mandy (interesting menu), tucked away in the new strip mall close to Bank and Hunt Club (only accessible driving west on Hunt Club). The website is only partly finished (

2018 Dec 5
I'm not sure if this really qualifies as an actual opening but Tamis Café will be moving to 374 Bank Street near Glimour and their soft opening is this Saturday December 8th. More info is on their facebook page:

2018 Dec 5
Tamis Café is going into the space previously occupied by The Buzz . I wish them the best in this new location. I still dream of their Ube cake!

The Somerset restaurant "Too Beaucoup"—previously discussed in this forum—has been rebranded as "Corner Peach" after public backlash. It seems the owners misjudged the racism and misogynism of the Full Metal Jacket hooker scene that many associate with that phrase.

The generous side of me wants to congratulate them on the name change but my inner cynic immediately considered that "Corner Peach" sounds like slang for a street prostitute. Names are hard!

2018 Dec 6
Aw man, I really liked the Buzz.

2018 Dec 6
Bummer about Buzz but i can't be unhappy about Tamis moving closer to my workplace.

The TooBeaucoup / Corner Peach thing... i vacillate between 'that name was a bad idea badly thought out' and 'that reaction was utter overkill re two lines in a movie from 30+ years ago'.

2018 Dec 6
RIP Buzz and the best 5$ Martini Night that ever existed.

2018 Dec 6
Man, is there even anywhere else in town that does something similar?

2018 Dec 8
no sh*t names are hard... you should have seen what it was like naming the food hall

2018 Dec 9
Hey you could have gone with Sunlife Food Hall... low effort there. It’s what everyone is going to call it anyways.

2018 Dec 10
Robbie's Corner - Italian dishes, sandwiches, soups and desserts - inside the gas station convenience store (!) at 1034 Pleasant Park Rd (Corner of St. Laurent).( I didn't know this area is called Urbandale.

2018 Dec 21
BTP Smoque House (

2018 Dec 22
They closed the old food place at the train station, and replaced it with vending machines, but things are looking up - Ministry of Coffee! (

2018 Dec 30
The soft opening for JAM - that delicate period when they perfect the pouring of milk over cereal - is today, tomorrow and Tuesday (

2019 Jan 1
On Walkley Rd, same plaza as Foodbasics, there is a restaurant called Mermaid Seafood,
they looked open, but not sure-could not find out much about them.

2019 Jan 19
I noticed today that Nana Thai Cuisine opened up in the place where Hu Tieu Mi Gia used to be on Preston.

It opened late 2018.

2019 Jan 20
Has anyone eaten at Mermaid's Seafood restaurant at 1729 Walkley, across from Rexall drugstore?

I asked my sister to get me a menu, and she said they just have a menu for eating in, no paper version yet.
Also, my sister said the restaurant smelled overly of fish and that she would not want to wear her winter jacket or stuff there as she would smell like fish all day.
I might try a dish for take-out, but am just getting over being severely sick with stomach issues and should probably only eat from the places I have already been to...

The menu has some lebanese dishes, pasta and seafood.

2019 Mar 25
Finally ate at Mermaid's last week.
Had 1/2 pound scallops, 1/2 pound fried shrimp .
I did not know the shrimp would also be breaded, as I have seen some places just deep-fry shrimp with no batter before.

The scallops were well cooked, but they left on that tough bit that most places take off.
I remember working at a place that was having me clean seafood and had to take the tough bit off the scallop (forget the name of it).

The shrimp were well cooked, everything was served with a huge bunch of raw onions under the seafood-no seasoning on the onions....just tons of raw onion.

The dipping sauces we got were "ranch" and a tartar sauce.
Waitress never came back to ask if food was ok and I wanted a seafood sauce but guess they were busy until we paid.

I'm pretty good at knowing the weight of seafood and what we got does not even look close to 1/2 pound scallops, even if you counted a ton of water.
I also often order 400 grams breaded or pan cooked shrimp from another store and I know for sure that it is more than a dozen shrimp.
*I meant that I order a 400 gram bag of shrimp and that half or 200 grams is way more than a dozen shrimp.
-this pic was taken before we ate anything, there was 6 scallops-one was slightly larger, but the rest kind of average size and the plate was a small bread nothing big.

I might go back to try some appetizers, but not too sure.