Lunch recommendations near Science and Technology museum [General]

Aug 9
I plan on heading out to the Museum of Science and Technology over the next couple of weeks to see the Art of the Brick. Since I haven't been to that museum in decades I would like to make a day trip which means I am looking for somewhere to lunch while in the area. I'm not terribly fond of museum cafeterias although if any of you have been to the one at the Science and Tech museum and can recommend it I will keep an open mind. Otherwise are there any restaurants in the neighbourhood you can recommend? In terms of food, I am not fussy however I would ideally like a lunch in the $20 price range or less.

Aug 9
IMO that is an almost complete dead zone. Chains and fast food are all I can think of around there. The Mid East food centre might have some take away options, but iím Not sure.

Aug 9
Lebanese Palace is a good shawarma option nearby. Adam's Sausages also isn't too far, would just want to check the hours to make sure they're open -- also more of a lunch counter place rather than restaurant

Aug 9
MidEast foods does have takeout. Liam McGuires has ok wings.

Aug 9
I've tried OpenRice Asian Fusion on St Laurent, pretty good food. They are not open for lunch every day so check the hours.

Oh Basil is fairly good as well...

Aug 10
I agree, that area is mostly a dead zone for any good food.

If you want to venture over to Trainyards on Industrial you could go to Chickpeas. Opens at 11am everyday except Mondays when they are closed.

A little further-a-field is Crispy Spring Roll food truck on Maxime Street just off Cyrville Road.

I second Oh Basil (a lot closer to the museum).

Aug 10
I live in the area and the lack of good food options is my biggest issue with the neighbourhood, I love it otherwise. It's a sea of mediocre at best options. Lebanese Palace is acceptable. Chickpeas is probably the best place around if you like falafel, though a touch pricey for what you get. Super Duper Pizza is a decent hefty, dense, pie. Rogers is meh and I've not had great experiences at Liam's or Oh Basil, though I haven't been to either in a very long time. Bienvenidos Latin Market usually has empanadas for sale which are tasty.

If the wife and I are looking to go out for something good, we usually find our way to Old Ottawa East.

Aug 10
If you like dim sum, thereís a decent place about 10 minutes away, Mandarin Olgivie.

Aug 10
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will be relying on public transit to get to the museum since I don't drive so lunch will be within easy walking distance. I appreciate all the suggestions though since I still have a trip to Trainyards on my bucket list as well as a trip to Cyrville. I believe there is a Costco there and I would like to check out the neighbourhood while I'm there.

Aug 10
Not much to see on Cyrville. Mandarin is nice but not worth a special trip. I feel like the options in Chinatown, like Hung Sum, blow it out of the water.
The Costco is on Innis, which is another barren stretch, for food and sight seeing. The McDonalds there is consistently the best McDonalds experience around (for what thatís worth).

Aug 11
Schnizleworks is on Cyrville, but a bit of a hike.

Aug 13
Seconding Asian Fusion. Pretty good.

Aug 20
Thanks again everyone for your suggestions. I headed out to the museum last Saturday and when it was time to take a midday lunch break I walked up St. Laurent for lunch. I decided to pass on Asian Fusion and Oh Basil this time because I had Chinese food for lunch the day before. Actually it looked like Asian Fusion wasn't even open at lunch on Saturday - I passed by at 12:00 then at 12:30 and the resto was locked up like Fort Knox. So I continued up St. Laurent and popped into Bienvenidos Latin Market on my journey. When I spotted their empanadas and pupusas when I entered I decided I wanted to try one. I got a beef empanada with boiled egg, raisins and olives and it was delicious. I also got an alfajor for dessert. The one I got had dulce de leche filling and covered with coconut. After I finished inhaling it I wished they sold them by the case...

Aug 21
Thank you for the update. I hope you enjoyed the Art of the Brick show. I'll have to drop by the Latin place the next time I'm in that area.

Aug 22
this is a really cool topic... I live in Riverview Park, which is really close and this area is indeed a barren wasteland for foodies.

Culinary Conspiracy which is a catering company on Industrial, used to have a small resto you could eat at. They had awesome food and some of the best french fries I've had in the city but they never really promoted it and decided to focus on catering.

Bicycle Craft sometimes does pop ups that are good.... but I feel the area is dying for a food "neighbourhood" place.