Amateur Food Porn 2018 [General]

Jul 14
Yes, we've finally broken free of the past (circa 2016) and shall embrace the present! Let us celebrate by dining on some hambagu (Japanese style Salisbury steak).

Jul 23
Cantonese style beef curry.

Aug 5
Lo mien with braised ‘beef brisket’…

Aug 5
…which is actually ‘flank plate’, that’s on sale at T & T seemingly every other week. It’s a 1 inch thick sheet of meat sandwiched between membranous tissue. It takes about 2 ½ hours of braising to make this cut deliciously tender.

Aug 22
I like the pork and chili stir fry that's offered occasionally at T & T's hot food counters so much that I make my own version at home now. I use pork tenderloin so there's no need for a tenderizing meat marinade.

Aug 25
SV pork tenderloin 130f ~ 3hours, shocked cold and stored in the fridge until needed.

Diced and dredged in light batter of cornstarch and ground rice then deep fried @ 350f just until golden... don't cook it again.

Short grain rice with kimchi powder & fried onions, sesame honey garlic stir fried veggies a side of curried peanut sauce and sriracha.

Aug 25
Where do you buy kimchi powder?

Aug 25
I make it as a way to use up leftover kimchi or other ferments that have gone a bit past their prime.

I take the kimchi, chop it up quite fine and then drain it. Save the juices for a marinade or other purpose.

Spread the solids into plastic trays in a dehydrator and let it dry until it snaps when bent. 130f ~ 12 to 16 hours it will vary considerably.

Remove and break into little pieces, grind to your liking, mine has a fairly fine texture so it shakes out of a spice jar easily at the table.

Taste and adjust salt, likely it will already be plenty salty.
Look me up on FB if you need more information.

Aug 26
Thank you! I'll have to ponder that.

Aug 29
My cousin and I made a BBQ dinner for a family celebration in Whistler last weekend.

Slow BBQ'ed chicken in a homemade honey garlic sauce,
Braised Ribs finished on the BBQ
Homemade Coleslaw with sweet and hot peppers
Roasted potatoes and beets
Chili dusted roasted carrots
(Corn on the cob not pictured)

All produce except the cabbage came from my parents garden, and the meat came from a farm in Pemberton just up the road from Whistler.

Sep 2
Thai fried rice with basil and chicken. I find that adding the wet seasonings (fish, light and dark soy, and oyster sauces) to the rice while it's being boiled, instead of during stir-frying, results in a drier dish and helps to keep the rice grains separate from each other.

Oct 6
Fall harvest dinner.

Manchester sausages, sour-kraut and mustard made by me.
Carrots and potatoes from the garden.

Time for a nap....

Oct 14
Probably the last canned yellowfin tuna salad sandwich that I’ll ever make.

Oct 14
Used to buy this product from Food Basics to make tuna salad, but the dire situation of certain yellowfin fisheries (, as well as a lack of labelling on the cans that identify which fishery their contents come from, means I’m going to stick with other, more sustainable canned fish (herring, mackerel and sardines) from now on.

Oct 14
Thanks for the link, Tree Pug. Still, producers will have to indicate the provenance of their product on their labeling before I start buying their canned yellowfin again.

Nov 17
Finally made gamjatang. Most of the ingredients (pork spine, fresh perilla leaves, ground perilla seeds, etc.) were bought at the wonderful Seoul Mart.