Can we talk about the Wellington Diner? [Food/Vendor]

Jul 9
Just in case people aren't familiar - it's a diner along Wellington Street West.

The food itself isn't anything remarkable. It's not terrible, it's not great. It's average. That's not a big deal, sometimes I'm completely happy with average food.

The real issue thing that boggles my mind is the way the owner answers to reviews. They're some of the rudest, most belittling comments I've ever seen a business owner give out towards people - all he calls it is "telling it like it is".

Take a look at their reviews on Google and to get to the good stuff, sort it by lowest.

Just wondering what other peoples thoughts on these practices are.

Jul 10
I'm somewhat torn- On one hand I don't like people that make unfounded bad reviews online, but on the other hand I think he takes constructive criticism too hard. I agree that their food is good but not oustanding but have only been there for breakfast
I had a friend who worked there and he said the owner is a short fused narcissist but also a perfectionist who sticks up for his staff. He had lots of good stories about the owner VS Uber Eats drivers and the neighbour "Geena" who calls bylaw 1-3 times a day on them.

They've also been subject to a smear campaign by SJWs after Union 613 acted in their usual self righteous crybullying manner to excoriate the diner for naming a burger "the ghetto fabulous" and labeled the owner a Doug Ford supporter. I find Union 613's online presence far more offensive than the Wellington Diner, they are always using their self righteousness to put down others and are the definition of "Crybullies."

Jul 10
I have been to Wellington Diner a few times for breakfast and have always found it to be a solid reliable option, with a varied menu so that I can get my traditional diner breakfast while my family can get their preferences as well.

I went through a bunch of the negative Google reviews, and the owner's comments and I disagree with you. He is clearly rude and dismissive to the reviews that are obviously fake (which you can very quickly discern), but to the ones that raise a serious issue or post detailed criticism, he is responsive and tries to address the concerns. He does call out the hypocrisy of customers who tell the server everything is fine but then post a 1 star review about lousy food or service when the server or the restaurant cannot do anything about it. Curiously, I know one of the reviewers personally (and professionally) and his response to that person's review and attitude were exactly as I would have responded!

Jul 10
I also forgot to mention- YOU ARE A 1 STAR CUSTOMER is a 5 star insult!

Jul 10
Maybe he is a good guy who just cares deeply about the reputation of his place. The really bad guys stand out for reasons more serious than a scrappy review presence, which we have to remember wasn't even a thing ten years ago. I don't have anything against Union's virtue-signalling, but the era when such things were cool may be quickly coming to an end, and it often comes off as self-indulgent patting of one's own back.