New source for local greens opens today [Food/Vendor]

Jun 12

Near Carling and Sherbourne/Maitland, on Wembley Ave. This is urban farming produce produced in the McKellar Park neighbourhood in homeowners' front and back yards by local urban farmers Capital Greens.
Available today and every Tuesday, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm - Baby kale, spinach, arugula, and radishes available this week. More to come.

Jun 13
Andy, thanks for posting this. I'll definitely check it out.

Jun 14
You're welcome, felinefan. I knew there were a few people here who go to the PD on Carling. Too bad it's only Tues. night, but I think it's CSA pickup night too. I know someone in the area who, early on, signed up with this guy and is a big proponent of urban farming. The location is very familiar to me as my parents built the second last home built on Wembley Ave (and the last one was built next door to us by Izzie Kardish (Kardish Deli), in the early '60's).

Jun 15
Andy - hopefully they will also have tomatoes when in season. I'm checking it our next Tuesdsy.

Jun 20
I did stop by here yesterday just after 5. For sale were arugala, radishes and baby kale. I bought a bag of baby kale for $4.00. There is just the one homeowner selling his produce, although he said there may be a honey producer joining him. He does grow a variety of items but since it is just the one guy, it is best to get there early. There were only a couple of bags each of arugala and kale left when I got there just after 5.