Muffuletta salad mix [General]

2018 Jun 1
I bought a bottle of this recently in Burlington, ON. This is seriously good stuff. Has anyone seen it around here?

2018 Jun 2
What exactly is it?

2018 Jun 2
It is a mixture of olives, both green and black, cauliflower, carrots, celery, hot peppers, salt, spices and oil. I realize I can make this myself but I'd rather buy it. It is used as a spread on muffuletta sandwiches.

2018 Jun 2
Tasty stuff!
I've bought it at Bakker's in Manotick Station.

2018 Jun 3
I've bought muffuletta mixtures like this at the Nicastro's on Merivale (I'm sure other locations have them as well). I don't believe I've seen this brand but they do have a selection of a few others.

2018 Jun 3
Lulux, i bought some at Nicastro's on Merivale today. They had two different brands, so bought one of each. Andy, we were going out to Bakker's today but thought to call first which is how we found out they were closed today (Sunday). We go there every now and again so will check out their brand as well. Thank you both.

2018 Jun 6
felinefan Bakker's has the brand you pictured above.

2018 Jun 7
Sobey's carries a brand of muffuletta mix - one of the more known names of which I can't remember. I've bought it a number of times - its great.