WANTED: Moritz Icy Squares [General]

Apr 17
These just popped into my head today. It has been years since I've even thought about them.
I always used to have a clear plastic cylinder of Moritz Icy Squares in the freezer ready for a quick snack.

Does anyone have any idea where I could find a carton of these?

Apr 17
Usually find the cartons around Christmas at various retailers. Itís our families tradition to get for my father.

But pretty sure I have seen them at the dollar store. Smaller packages.

Apr 17
Various dollar stores. Pretty sure most recently on Merivale.

Apr 17
Thanks. I've never actually been into a dollar store before. This should be fun.

Apr 17
I mentioned the same nostalgic pang last fall to my family and ended up getting some Icy Squares at xmas. They turned out to be awful to my chocolate-tuned adult palate. The hydrogenated coconut oil is nice in small amounts but the chocolateyness just doesn't keep up.

They taste like dollar store chocolate so that's appropriate. :P Let us know what you think!

Apr 17
Maybe I'll just go down to the market and get a bunch of truffles from Stubbe's.

Apr 18
I was going to make the same point about how awful they are. Cloying, no real chocolate flavour, and they make you feel a little sick. It is either a changed palate thing, or maybe they are made with worse ingredients than they used to be. Hydrogenated coconut oil is the first ingredient. A Zero bar (or Lindor chocolates, also available in small packages at Dollarama) will give you the 'icy' experience you are looking for (at a much higher quality level), caused by the different melting temperatures of the chocolate used in the filling and the covering.

Apr 18
Why did you have to bring up Zero bars? Damn you. . . . .

Apr 18
Damn. Zero bars.
Curse you, eight!

Also, I no longer have to go to a dollar store thus retaining my record.

Apr 18
Dollar stores have the Zero bars too. Usually 2/$1.
And they are totally better than Moritz.

Apr 18
Icy Cups / Icy Squares were my major candy as a kid, and I had them within the last couple of years and am happy to report they taste exactly as they always did, and they are still AWESOME!!!

Apr 22
I have also seen them at bulk barn

Apr 23
Dollar stores often have Zero bars in the silver and also gold wrappers.

Dollar Tree had BACI chocolate bars- the large ones for $1.25 and i only bought 2 :(
must go back.

Dollarama also often has some nice european candy like Nestle Fruitips.

There are also quite a few nice foodie finds at Dollarama- like that fancy balsamic syrup/sauce in a smaller bottle for cheap!

I unironically love their knock off bounty bars and mars bars. Dollarama is surprisingly good for candy.

Those knock-off Bounty are unironically almost identical to the real thing!

A great source of iron, lead, and other good stuff?