Chocolate cups [General]

2018 Apr 12
I am looking for little chocolate cups/shells to use to hold some pudding at a cocktail party. Anyone seen them around town? I am striking out...


2018 Apr 12
Last time I bought them was at the Metro at Merivale and Viewmount. It was a while ago but they consistently carried them for years.

2018 Apr 13
Randomly at the Home Sense 'food' section.

2018 Apr 13
Ottawa bagel shop.

2018 Apr 21
You can probably make some fairly easily if you get a candy mold at bulk barn or you could also use the silicone mold that makes "ice shot glasses" and use chocolate instead of water or juice and put in freezer then you get 4 chocolate "glasses" or cups and you can fill them with whatever...

I don't have a car and am stuck at home, so most likely to diy anything at the moment.

2018 May 1
I’ve seen them at the European delicatessen on Merivale road. Sometimes Loblaws has them but it’s hit & miss.

Jun 8
I really like chocolate


Jun 9
Lindt has chocolate cups. Maybe check their website or call.