Moules-frites [Food/Vendor]

Apr 12
Just a quick poll as it's one of my favourite dishes and I have been craving it lately.

Best/preferred places in Ottawa for Moules-frites?

Apr 12
The Pelican or Petit Bill’s. Can’t go wrong with either!

Apr 12
Seconding Petit Bill's.

Another good choice if you're in the Market is Chez Lucien.

Haven't tried Pelican's yet, but I hear good things about them too!

Apr 13
Another vote for Petit Bill's

Apr 13
Great spots have already been listed:)

An additional option might be Metropolitan in Sussex has moule frites specials during “hill hour”

If you can, head to Belgium and to go chez Leon home of the best moule frite;) alternatively if you are open to some cooking bring the flavour home and pick up mussels at Lapointe Fish in the market and try chez leon mussel special recipe variations including using your favourite wine or broth instead of water for liquid.

Apr 15
Merivale Fish market is always good for Moules and fries.

Tuckers marketplace had 2 kinds of mussels in their buffet last week and they were replacing the dish every 10-15 minutes, so was super fresh.

Also had Thai Basa fish and saw them replace the dish at least 5 times while there-they would put maybe 2 or 3 smaller fillet and as soon as some was taken thye would add another dish.

Apr 16
Petit Bills is usually where I order Mussels when I crave them, good to know I've been doing it right.

Really want to try Pelican (a few times) as I have never been, thanks everyone.

Apr 16
Try the escargot at Pelican too.

Apr 17
Get fries from a chip stand (I have the benefit of living near Chips and Dairy)

and then make these

Apr 21
Pelican has somewhat bad service sometimes and also a few shady practices (I was a long-time customer and see how they have changed many things).

-the take-out counter, well it is supposed to be take-out but if they are to busy, they will just take your order and then not bother making it (happened to me a bunch of times).

They changed the quality of their shrimp and no longer carry any shrimp that are phosphate or preservative free.
I looked through their freezer and everything has preservatives.

They do not know the ingredients of their "salmon sausage", someone local makes it for them and they do not have that info, they will "try and get the info for you" but you won't hear back or they will forget.

Downtown, Vineyards is good for moules/mussels

Apr 23
Slam Pelican and promote Vineyards.
Are you me from the Mirror Universe?

Apr 25
Thanks for mentioning us in this thread..

Until December every Monday is all you can eat Mussels, we offer 5 different sauces...


May 3
Definitely Petit Bill's or Savoy! The ones at L'Acadamie (BYOW Resto in Les Promenades Gatineau) also looked amazing.