Has anyone been to Ottawa Winter Brewfest? [Events]

2018 Feb 9
I will be going to the Winter Brewfest at Lansdowne next weekend with a couple of friends. None of us have been and an initial visit to their website indicates there will be copious amounts of drink available but no mention of food. I imagine some kind of finger foods or samples will be available. Has anyone been to winter brewfest and can inform me more of the foodie options?

2018 Feb 9
I went last year. There wasn’t much. I think Local was doing the food. The choices were fairly limited and the line was super long. We ended up having dinner at Craft afterwards because we were starving. It was still a good event though, got to try lots of different beers.

2018 Feb 9
I hear the word lineup, and I go to plan B, local pub. . . . . . . .

2018 Feb 9
Take a cooler with your own food. That should look great for an event like this.

2018 Feb 12
Thanks for the feedback everyone. My friends and I will be going to Brewfest on Saturday afternoon so we will plan on a late lunch/early dinner. There are so many restos in the area I'm sure we won't starve ;)

2018 Feb 19
I went to the Ottawa Winter Brewfest last Saturday with two friends and they had an impressive selection of brews available. My friends and I bought a general admission ticket which included a tasting glass. The cost of coupons for beer and food were charged separately. VIP tickets were available and included a mason jar mug and a cordoned off VIP area.

I tasted four beers including a Lambs Wool beer from Beau's which tasted more like a cider and was a little too sweet for my taste. I tried a lager from Dominion City Brewing but it was too watery. I normally prefer lagers but one of my friends, who likes dark beer, persuaded me to try a sip of a beer she got from Beyond the Pale and it was perhaps my favourite beer. I went back for a sample and quite enjoyed it. I think it was called a "mocha madness". It definitely had coffee notes and it would make a great dessert beer. The last one I sampled was also a hit and it was a chocolate infused beer from a brewery from Northern Ontario. Note to self: If I go back to Winter Brewfest next year I will have to take a small notebook or scratch pad ;)

As for lunch one of my friends had his mind set on lunching at Jack Astors so I never did check out the food available on site.

One of my two complaints is that there is a set number of coupons you could buy so if you don't use them all you loose them. The other complaint is that there is nowhere to sit so if you're standing for four hours such as I was the legs and back were getting sore after awhile...