Restaurant Closings 2018 [Events]

2018 Jan 6
New Year, new thread.

Da Bombe Dessert Factory in New Edinburgh has closed.

2018 Jan 10
La Maison Conroy (

2018 Jan 17
Although technically it closed in 2017, just found out Detroit Soul Food's Ghost Restaurant closed in November. Never got to try it as I didn't live in range. With the percentages taken by Uber (30) I can see how it would be a tough go to make ends meet. I'm sure he'll be back better than ever!

Looks like he's still doing catering:

2018 Jan 17
....I honestly do not know if I should feel bad for LeRoy or not anymore.

2018 Jan 17
You shouldn't.

30% overhead is probably less than the overhead of having a physical space, definitely if that includes seating and staff. He simply doesn't have the business acumen to succeed on his own, nor apparently the temperament to maintain a healthy relationship with a business partner. He's attempted various models and all have been rather spectacular failures.

The problem could, in part, be the food (honestly, I wasn't terribly impressed the two times I was actually able to get some of his fried chicken, both from his food truck) but I think it's clear that whatever he's been doing doesn't work.

Even if I thought his food was great I don't think I'd hire him for any catering needs, I'd be too worried he'd be a no-show or problematic. The "History" section on his own website is giant red flag, having failed a half dozen times isn't confidence inspiring.

2018 Jan 18
I feel badly for him and respect his dedication to his craft. I would have quit after the first time. I respect people like him that bring authentic and delicious food to the City. Haven't seen him in a couple of years but he was always kind to my friends and I.

2018 Jan 20
Burrito Shack in the Glebe. Also the Kardish store in the Glebe. And the Morning Owl in the Glebe, while not showing any sign of being officially closed, was not open during its opening hours and had a potted plant inside which could really stand a watering.

2018 Jan 23
Rangoon Restaurant (

2018 Jan 23
Best comment on the reddit thread....
"They should have renamed it Shawarma Rangoon. Would have made a killing." an aside, i want fusion shawarma become a thing, the way Korean tacos and sushi burritos have become a thing.

2018 Jan 25

Call me when this is a thing. Seriously.

Maybe haggis shawarma, sliced and cooked in a Korean sauce?

2018 Jan 25
Shawarma al pastor.. . . . . . .

2018 Jan 29
Havana Cafe is now closed - Just went to their website to verify after another thread mentioned a new location going in at 1200 Bank where Havana was.

Bummer, where else will I get Yucca fries?

2018 Jan 29

Farm Team in the Glebe looks like it's not long for this world.

2018 Jan 30
Well Farm Team had a pretty strong objection when a food truck opened nearby and started poaching their lunch customers.

If a food truck impacted them that much, imagine what Boston Pizza is going to do.

2018 Jan 30
Re Havana Café - I know! Also, where am I going to get a decent cubano sandwich? :(

Re Farm Team - Not surprising, but the Sparks location appears to be doing ok, tho I think they gave up or rebranded the basement half.

2018 Jan 30
@OSoloMeal Gooney's on Laurier has a bomb Cuban sandwich.

2018 Jan 30
I spoke to Bill from Da Bombe this afternoon, landlord upped his rent 50%, so he closed. Gentrification of New Edinburgh is underway, Starbucks opened across the street yuck.

2018 Jan 31
That landlord thing seems to happen fairly often. I always wonder whether the landlord has a new tenant lined up, or just shoots themselves in the fiscal foot.

2018 Jan 31
There is another empty space in the same building, where the BMO was.

2018 Jan 31
Nice corner for a condo. Just sayin’.

2018 Jan 31
The persian resto in the Wilfrid Laurier building has closed and will be replaced by Carrot's buffet boutique.

2018 Jan 31
There is another empty space in the same building, where the BMO was.

2018 Jan 31
What's a 'buffet boutique'?

2018 Jan 31
I am most interested in seeing what a carrots buffet looks like...

2018 Feb 8
Shawarma House on carling near the coliseum theatre has closed. Not too surprising, their shawarma was bland and wasn’t nearly as good as the nearby shawarma palace.

2018 Feb 12
Carrot's had a posting on Kijiji, looking for people to make salads and sandwiches. I'm feeling another Marcello's/Olly's, food market-type.

2018 Feb 19

Sadly, Rosie's looks next on the block to be gone.

2018 Feb 20
I’ve seen other owners have their restaurants listed even if they aren’t in dire straights financially.
It might just mean that the owner is willing to get paid and move on.
I imagine that the actual sale price for Rosie’s would be $100000-$150000 (nothing to back that number up with, just my assumption) so the price seems way too high. $400000 just seems like he’ll take the money if somebody is willing to pay

2018 Feb 27
Nectar Fine Teas (

2018 Feb 27
Holland's Cake and Shake is becoming a Morning Owl location where Michael will be the pastry chef. He intends to keep some of the current menu, but hasn't gone into too much detail on exactly what will change and what will stay the same.

2018 Feb 27
Interesting. The Rochester St Morning Owl has had 1 or 2 Cake and Shake items for sale daily for the past little bit, now it's starting to make more sense.

2018 Feb 28
So bummed to see Michael Hollands Post about Holland's Cake and Shake... I hope the soft serve makes the cut!

May 1 the location will become a new Morning Owl. Le sigh.

2018 Mar 2
Morning Owl has turned into an empire mighty quickly, and I wonder if Ottawa can handle the sudden and rather noticeable massive increase in the number of 'coffee shops'. I think there is an actual medical limit on the amount of caffeine that can be consumed.

2018 Mar 2
The Glebe MOwl appears to have hooted it's last, so not exactly a sprawling empire, but hey, i'm all for local businesses giving starbucks and second cup a run for our money.

And no, there is no medical limit on caffeine. I have the shakes to prove this.

2018 Mar 2
I really with the Morning Owl in Kanata was in a more convenient location. It's buried in some in-development condo area that's not on the way to anything. If it were more accessible I'd be there way more frequently.

2018 Mar 4
Didn't see it posted anywhere else, but So Good will be closing up shop on April 13. Looks like Peter & Co are retiring.

Too bad! Love that salt & pepper tofu.

2018 Mar 7
I will miss that tofu pepper salt. But not much else honestly.

2018 Mar 12
Kochu Sushi - just the Elgin Street location - closed.
Their 266 Preston Street location continues (take-out, delivery and dine-in). Excellent!

2018 Mar 13
Looks like So Good is delaying their retirement and looking for a "suitable candidate for replacement". But they will be closed temporarily from April 13-May 8.

2018 Mar 17
Island Grill in Centretown has closed.

2018 Mar 22

Antipazzo seems to permanently closed too

2018 Mar 22
Not surprised. Ate there twice. Was underwhelmed.
Restaurants around there don't seem to stay empty long (see Korean fusion thing moving into Havana Cafe's location) so hopefully something good will roll in.

2018 Mar 22
Re : Antipazzo

We went there frequently enough to be considered regulars. Mainly since we like to support local businesses and partly because we are lazy, but with 10+ visits under our belt, we could see this coming. In fact I'm surprised they lasted this long.

When they first opened last March the place was quite bustling, busier than when it was Taylors I would say. The thing that struck us early on was the turn over in servers. This continued until they seemed to get rid of all of them and it was just the owner & his wife serving. It was also getting quieter so we figured they didn't want to pay for staff if they could do it themselves. But then we noticed the turnover in the kitchen as well (maybe that was happening all the time, we just didn't notice).

The food was always ok, never good enough to write a nice review about and never bad enough to outright complain about, although the last visit came close. I never wrote a review here because it would be basically "Meh - YMMV" and I hoped they would improve.

The one thing that was constant was the owner & his wife, and we got the impression it was "Tonys way or the highway". I did give feedback a couple of times, like when my favourite dish was taken off the menu. Rather than "thanks for the feedback" I got "well, we are trying something different, maybe it'll come back someday". Six months later it hadn't and I was struggling to find a new "go to" dish.

Well, we decided to try somewhere different thinking we might go back someday. I guess not now.


2018 Mar 23
Re: Island Grill. I passed by on my way home from work yesterday and noticed a handwritten sign in the window saying "Closed for renovations until March 23". FWIW I noticed the re-opening date was on March 19th then scratched out and March 23rd added...

2018 Mar 23
Re Antipazzo - isn't the owner the same guy who ran Forno Antico on Bronson and the whatever that was place across the street from it?

And yeah... nothing was bad, nothing was better than 'ok', and i wanted it to get better, but that didn't happen.

2018 Mar 23
@OSM No, it was NAPO Farm to Table Italian Cuisine that he ran in the past. It had good food but was in a really crappy/doomed location close to the Blue Heron mall on Bank.

2018 Mar 23
Oh he was the NAPO guy. I liked that place, location aside, but as time passed service got slower, food qual slipped from great to ok... hmm.

2018 Mar 25
Bai Du has a big ole eviction notice dated late feb in their window. TBF, despite my haiku on their page, they were pretty decent for takeout in the end. Oh well, the superior AYCE sushi down the street (sushi kan or 168 sushi) killed them probably.

2018 Mar 28
Re Island Grill, I walked by there today, and they seemed to be open.

2018 Mar 29
Farm team has big ole closed signs up (Called it) and is being replaced by something called Banditos.

2018 Mar 29
Farm Team tried for a while to do different things to be busy.
They had some people I know DJ and play music, in hopes it would be busier weekend, evenings a few times.

I did drop by (just to say hi to my friend(s) and was still quite slow for a saturday...

2018 Mar 31
Re: Farm Team.

I can't say I'm overly surprised. Admittedly, I never went but the ownership seemed good at pissing people off.



There was a story going around online that also showed he was giving nearby restaurants poor reviews on whatever Zomato was before it changed.

I dunno, I feel many restaurants in Ottawa work together and when you do stuff like in the articles above, you're making things harder on yourself.

2018 Mar 31
Well, he could always open up a sign shop.

2018 May 5
Makita on Bank near Pretoria has windows papered over.

2018 May 5
Uji cafe is closing

2018 May 6
Rats. Uji makes my favourite ramen; the garnishes are more legit than even Santosei's, and the accompanying dumplings are fantastic.

2018 May 7
Re Makita, wow that was fast. Did they even make it a year?

2018 May 7
18 months. Surprised they stayed open that long.

2018 May 11
Not sure if it's been posted yet, but apparently Blossom Vegetarian closed.

2018 May 26
Bernard Callebaut in Westboro (

2018 Jun 3
Stubbe Chocolates in the market!

Okay, not closing, but they are moving this fall to 1224 Wellington Street West (at Hinton). It's that little sideways mini-mall building next to Morris Home Hardware. You can go to the old store on Dalhousie June 19th to 23rd for 50% off old stock before they move. That's a hell of a deal.

Coupled with the closing of cococo above, this is good news.

2018 Jun 4
OMG fantastic to hear that Stubbe is moving into the 'hood!

2018 Jun 4
Rizak, not if I liked my Stubbe in the Market. . . . . . .

2018 Jun 6
Chocolate in the Market area is taking a bit of a hit with the closing of Cylie Chocoates on Dalhousie as well. In their case, they have not gone out of business but apparently their landlord did not renew their lease so they are closed but looking for a new place to set up shop. I will miss stopping in for their hot chocolate.

2018 Jun 7
Heinrich at Stubbe's was just tired of working in a building that leaked all the time. I can understand that. It was an anchor point for us, though. Now, we have no real reason to go to the market at all.

2018 Jun 15
Basmati is closed. Notice on window "New business starting July 2018" They were good once.

2018 Jul 14
Kaashi Food Mart on Somerset is closed. Saw a 'business for sale' sign in the window about a month ago, and windows were papered over within a couple weeks of that.

2018 Jul 20
That's disappointing re: Kaashi. We loved the (home-made?) paratha they sold, particularly the spinach ones and the fenugreek (leaf) ones.

2018 Aug 3
Beechwood Gastropub, closing end of August.

2018 Aug 28
The Pomeroy House (

2018 Aug 28
That is brutal. Pomeroy House has been my favourite place to eat in Ottawa for quite some time now. Have had many memorable dinners, brunches, and the occasional lunch there too. Brought new people there many times including just on Sunday for brunch - we made plans to return soon for dinner with the newcomers because they loved it too. Arg.

2018 Aug 29
It really is a shame, nice people..

The good news for the staff is everyone is looking for front & back of the house, most will probably be able to find work easily but I'm sure it's like a family breaking up..

No such thing as failure, only attempts @ success, in many ways they achieved it & I wish them nothing but the best...

2018 Aug 30
Urban Juice Press around the corner from Parkdale ( (

2018 Sep 6
Fat Alberts on Bank at Heron gone, new sign up says 'Luckys'.

2018 Sep 7
I noticed the big yellow sign for Shan Yuan Hakka has been removed. I'm not sure if this place ever opened. I've walked by this place numerous times and never saw it open. Has anyone tried this place?

2018 Sep 10
Not that i ever saw, and bummer because we have near zero hakka in Ottawa.

As far as i know we have that one place on Bank/Alta Vista that tells me 'the hakka chef is away' every time i try to order some.

2018 Sep 10
We have three places that have Hakka food. One of them is Chillies on Alta Vista (never been). Brampton Authentic Indian Food Ottawa on Meadowlands (good food and great service). And Guru’s on Wellington St (I dropped by but they were too busy to take my order).

2018 Sep 11
Speaking of ... I think I'll go to Guru's again soon as it is a quick walk from work.

2018 Sep 11
Chilies is where i seem to keep missing the phantom 'hakka chef'.

I didn't know Brampton did hakka... is that recent because the two times i've been there it was Indian (and pizza)?

Guru's is now on my 'get to asap' list, tnx!

2018 Sep 11
I’m new to Brampton. I always go to Crispy’s (best hot fresh fried chicken around) and decided to check out Brampton back in April. It’s a little different than what I’m used to in Toronto. But it’s still good. Note: Brampton doesn’t take credit cards.

I’ll have to go back and try Guru’s when they’re not too busy.

Oct 1
With no apparent warning or detox period, vaya con dios the Starbucks on Bank at Hopewell in OOS.

My reaction was more or less as follows in text form:

*Looks at Happy Goat across the street, Black Squirrel kitty corner'ish, Bridgehead two blocks away'ish, Life of Pie three doors down...gets over it, moves on with life. Total mourning period, +/_ten seconds.*

Oct 1
Dunns closed

Oct 2
RIP Dunns (about time if you ask me). Also I just WTF'd hard over the Ottawa South Bank St Starbucks and sure enough should have checked HERE before heading there today.

oh the humanity.

Oct 2
I had a black coffee this am in memorium of the OOS Starbucks.

Re Dunn's, i was astounded it lasted as long as it did.

Oct 3
Table 85 permanently closed to the public. They posted this today:

“Table 85 permanently Closed for public as a restaurant.
Table 85 will be operated as only catering company

We tried bring our own Korean style menu other restaurant don't have on their menu since 2015 March. And we open second location call Table SODAM at 1200 bank st.
SODAM is open as a Korean restaurant and Table 85 will be open as a catering kitchen.

Thank you so much supporting and visiting Table 85 event basement location. We got lots of friends and supporters past few years and I am so happy with that. However I have to say bye to our customers and friends even I don't want to..

Thanks and Bye..

Sean Nam, hard worker at Table 85”

Oct 4
Not really surprising. Sodam seems to be doing ok and they likely wanted to shift the takeaway business over there. I'm bummed only in that i wish i had gotten to 85 at least once for 'the experience'

Oct 10
Hủ Tiếu Mì Gia is papered up, says a Thai restaurant is coming.

Oct 15
This one stings. Boko Bakery is closing down as of December 1. Maybe sooner, they haven't announced their last day of business, but their lease is up November 30 and they won't be renewing.

Oct 15
Awww, I love Boko, going to miss them in my neighbourhood.

Oct 15
Aw shit, that one is actually really disappointing. I desperately hope that not renewing their lease might just mean moving their business elsewhere though. I don't want to live in a world without their cookies. :(

Oct 16

Oct 16
RIP BOKO - I used to walk past it daily on my way to school when I was in my early 20s. That peach danish was a staple in my life for 2 years. I still used to go for the occasional treat from there. They will be missed.

Oct 16
Really sad about Pomeroy House. The food was fantastic. I hope the chef and his partner find something fulfilling as next steps.

Oct 18
There's a photo on Yelp I can't seem to link to that indicates that Ghana House Cuisine has closed.

Oct 22
From the "that didn't last long" category, Babino's on Carling (in the old Robz space) appears to be closed, despite the glowing Facebook reviews from its owners!

Oct 23
I just tried to go to Babino's for lunch and was surprised to find it closed. I'm had become my favourite lunch spot in the neighbourhood during the short time it was around.

Oct 26
Not surprised about wine and food festival as there are booze and/food festivals almost every weekend in the city. I would argue that we might almost have too many of these types of events. Poutine Fest, MacNCheese fest....

It's like the ottawa craft beer festival... there are craft beer events almost every week of one sort or another so if you want to drink craft beers, you can do that easily and in many cheaper by avoiding these events.

Oct 26
Re: Ottawa Food & Wine show

“I’m shocked at the lack of the communication from an event that has had (up until now) an excellent reputation. I’m disappointed beyond belief and out hard-earned money that I had saved up to be able to attend,” she said.

First of all, your hyperbole is a bit much. Disappointed beyond belief? Seriously?
Second, the only reputation I know of with regard to this show is that it has turned into a college binge drinking festival. Of course people go there to drink and have fun, but for at least 20 of those 33 years it has been unattendable by people with any manners at all. Mostly I would be pushed around by people who wanted to get at some booth or other and simply could not wait. After a few years of that, I just stopped going altogether.

It's a great idea in theory, but not in practice. In my experience.

The Jan. 6, 2016 affidavit also complained about the festival’s “many disruptive aspects,” including “over-pouring of alcohol by exhibitors, intoxication, crowd control issues, instances of theft, intoxicated exhibitors, urination on the show floor and vomiting.”

I rest my case.

Oct 31
Briana Kim of Café My House will be closing her resto in January and will be opening a new one called Alice. No date or location has been announced. More info is here:

Nov 21

Nov 22
That one is interesting. I had always driven by and noticed it looked quiet, but after walking by and seeing how nice the interior was and the cool little herbs around the restaurant I added it to the list to try. Looked like a really nice space. Little Italy is a pretty interesting area at this time and I think it is about to undergo some major development, but higher-end restaurants have always been faced difficulty in Ottawa (in my opinion).

Nov 22
The last day of business at the Boco Bakery on Elgin is this Sunday the 25th. Their Facebook page says they are offering baked goods free on Sunday (1 per customer) and raising money for Elgin St. Public School and the Jack Purcell Community Centre. Stock up ahead of time if you want those Nutella cookies or mini pizzas one last time.

Nov 22
More info on MeNa's closing:

Nov 26
Just heard second hand that Wong's Palace is closing and their last day is this Friday, November 30th. The owners are retiring.

No other egg rolls were as good as theirs! :-(

Nov 27

“The people of our city prefer to eat between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. during the week and it’s difficult to fit a tasting menu into that time frame,” he said.

Dec 4
Nokham Thai is closing in the new year. Planned LRT construction + retirement is what I've heard.

Dec 12
Surprised nobody has mentioned it yet, but apparently Casey's Bar & Grill on Ogilvie Rd has had a notice up for about a month, they got locked out for failing to pay the rent. Too bad.

Dec 12
That is too bad about Casey’s. I stopped going once Big Rig opened up at Gloucester Centre, but for years that Casey’s was an oasis on that stretch of road.

Dec 12
Oh, I was trying to be sarcastic... I think I've only been there once, somebody at work picked it for our Christmas lunch before watching one of the Star Wars movies. There were many complaints about the slow service and the food (cold, tasteless, dry).

Had the organizer cared to look up reviews, I would hope he'd have chosen to reserve somewhere else. Had the organizer asked me, I would have chosen Big Rig :-). They were in tough in that area, the other chains are much more preferable (Montanas, Moxies, or East Sides in roughly that order). But for a pre-movie dinner I'd likely be choosing between Big Rig, Mongolian Village, or Taqueria Kukulkan/La Bonita.

Dec 12
Casey’s sure wasn’t ever for the eating, but it made an alright watering hole.
La Bonita, big rig, and crust and crate are the real winners over in that end of town.

Dec 21
Margo’s, gone from the spot that killed 2 other Caribbean eateries.

Dec 21
Hopefully Margo will get more business when they move to their new location on Rideau St.

Dec 30
Perfection-satisfaction-promise closed just over a week ago. They'll be missed for cheap yummy soups and the weirdest but comforting eating space