Opening 2018! [Events]

2018 Jan 4
Gongfu Bao at 365 Bank at Gilmour (opening "Winter 2018")

Congratulations chef Tarek Hassan. Very nice and to great success.

2018 Jan 5
Looks like the La Cocina Loca, formerly the second Ola Cocina location, on 1079 Wellington is rebranded as a new Taqueria Bonita location.

2018 Jan 6
Do NOT raise my hopes like this if you’re going to shatter them....

2018 Jan 9
Fiazza Fresh Fired Pizza opened across from the Superstore on Richmond on December 23. Hoping to check it out sometime, checked their prices on their website and they are much lower than I expected. 8.95 for a margherita pizza seems pretty reasonable.

2018 Jan 10
The new 'Darcy's/East side Mario's (Hampton park plaza) is apparently opening this weekend (soft open)

2018 Jan 13
Too bad it's an East Side Mario's and not a restaurant serving Italian food. :-(

2018 Jan 18
Momo spot launch partyyyyyyy...

Sat Jan 27, 5-9, Good Eats, 388 Albert. $9.99/plate.

2018 Jan 19
And to tempt you with momos:

2018 Jan 19
Glebe Boston Pizza is now Officially Open - In the spot on Bank st that formerly housed the LCBO.

2018 Jan 19
Roost and Grill on Bank south of Hopewell (Old Ottawa South) is open.

And making pizza.

Yeah, I totally didn't get that from the name either. go figure... it's good za. Solid crust, a bit of char, tasted just made, ingrediaents were all fresh and high quality. They offer the usual toppings options but also a few Indian inspired pizza. Tried the butter chicken and veg (something?... it had a creamed spinach base that totally worked...) and both were really enjoyable.

They seem to be going for a fusion approach with underlying Indian food theme. Menu has grilled chicken and other stuff I will probably try on the strength of the pizza.

2018 Jan 24
There's a Japanese BBQ buffet opening up at 1556 Merivale Rd where Jumbo Video used to be. I noticed it on my drive home but can't find any info online. Anyone have any details?

2018 Jan 25
That's in my hood bonnste. I would have seen it eventually, but thanks for the heads-up.

2018 Jan 25
The people behind the “Tavern on the Hill” bar that opened in Majors Hill Park last year are opening another location at Rideau Falls.

2018 Jan 25
When? I am thinking a spring date night then, see them in their majesty then.

2018 Jan 26
marc | kitchen is going in on Adeline St where the Rex used to be

Lunch only to start.

2018 Jan 26
Table 85 is opening a second place called Table SODAM, to be located at 1200 Bank St in OOS (according to Facebook). Timeline not known.

2018 Jan 26
Went to Table 85 on Saturday night -- learned they close at 4pm on Saturday! Same on Sunday. I don't get their hours :P Wonder if it'll be same deal at the new place, which I'll happily try

2018 Jan 26
Maybe It's because Table 85 is in an office building and invisible from the street? Plus, Bronson doesn't exactly get a lot of foot traffic. I can understand their hours, but I sure am glad they are opening a second, above ground location. I'd guess the hours will be different at tgeir second place. Yummy food.

2018 Jan 27
Maybe, though it doesn't quite fit with why they'd still be open on a Friday night, or Saturday/Sunday afternoon.. unless a lot of weekend warriors in that building. I'm sure it makes sense for them somehow.

2018 Jan 27
They also do catering, so maybe they do prep work Friday nights? I dunno, but they sure aren't in a typical restaurant location. It will be nice to enjoy their food above ground.

2018 Jan 29
But wait.... isn't the Havana Cafe 1200 Bank? Does this mean they are closing? Maybe/ hopefully this building has multiple addresses.

After Edit: Internet snooping verifies Havana Cafe is closed. :(

2018 Jan 31
A new chef is like an opening - (

2018 Feb 7
According to Alirang's facebook page their grand opening will be this Saturday February 10th.

2018 Feb 7
Where is the new one again?

2018 Feb 8
Where Dick's used to be - on Merivale Road across from the Merivale Fish Market.

2018 Feb 8
Alirang must have had some issues as when we walked past there in late December, the plan was to open on January 2.

2018 Feb 9
I think Alirang 2 soft opened already. Have seen people dining.

2018 Feb 9
A new location of Lorenzo's Pizza is opening on Richmond where "Orek's Souvlaki" and the short lived "2 Brothers" restaurants failed. Sign is up but not sure when it is opening. Lots of activity there the last couple of weeks.

MHK Sushi looks very close to re-opening as well on 283 Richmond in Westboro. I checked their facebook page and they were saying they were going to re-open in august so I imagine things have been quite delayed.

2018 Feb 9
I was in the Alirang neighbourhood yesterday, and it seemed they were open.

2018 Feb 12
Toro's Tacqueria is opening soon right next to where the German Town Deli was.

2018 Feb 12
Tacos downtown you say????

2018 Feb 13
OSoloMeal, I will wrestle you for tacos.

Isn't there a bubble tea place in there right now?

2018 Feb 13
Yes there is in fact a bubble tea place there now.

It looks like I will have to get in line behind OSoloMeal and Rizak if I want tacos ;)

2018 Feb 13
Instead of wrestling i propose a taco eating contest. Pasta Lover can officiate.

2018 Feb 13
I would love to officiate! However I will have to personally taste each taco before the contest. Just to make sure the results of the eating contest are accurate ;)

2018 Feb 13
I just want decent tacos.

2018 Feb 15
I know double post, but here's their website.

Hopefully more details soon

2018 Feb 16
I hope the hype withstands the taste test....

2018 Feb 16
What hype?

2018 Feb 20
Does anyone know anything about a restaurant going in on Merivale Road in the strip mall across from Nicastro's? The sign is up although they are still working inside. The sign reads "Yakiniku One, Table BBQ Buffet".

2018 Feb 20
Gongfu Bao the restaurant has a sample menu on their brand spankin' new website: The wait is killing me....

2018 Feb 20
Anyone know whats going in the old Pier 21 spot in the Byward Market ?

2018 Feb 20
felinefan, I don't know anything but I'm definitely interested..

Not an opening, but a re-branding -- the Ginza on Somerset is now called Ichiko. From their twitter: "Ginza Ramen II on Somerset is now Ichiko Ramen! We will be closed starting tomorrow, February12, 2018, for a few days to bring you the best dining experience possible! "We are the same great people, serving the same great tasting ramen, with our same great service!"" seems like nothing has changed?

2018 Feb 20
butwhoami, thanks for letting me know about the name change! It makes sense to differentiate it from the first Ginza on Elgin as it's my understanding that the ownership isn't entirely the same between the two restaurants and that Ginza II was partly owned by the Japan-trained chef from Ginza on Elgin. The Elgin one has a more diverse menu (including sushi), whereas the Somerset one focuses on ramen and appetizers, more like Sansotei Ramen.

For ref:
Ginza - Ramen Sushi Sake Bar
Koichi Ramen

2018 Feb 28
The Third (, where Blackpepper was. Across the street is a new bakery place, a chain from Quebec, called Les Moulins La Fayette (, not yet open when I went by last week.

2018 Mar 2
Babinos gyro and souvlaki house opening soon in Robz old spot on carling.

2018 Mar 4
There's a new Lebanese pie place with no obvious sign where Booster Juice used to be at Bank and Fifth beside the construction hole. MHK Sushi has reopened in Westboro in that strip of stores which has been renovating forever (283 Richmond, I think where the Yogurty's was), and a few doors down from it a Dunn's is going in.

2018 Mar 4
A Dunn’s.

How exciting.

2018 Mar 4
OSM: is that a
1) "How exciting" ho-hum ?
2) "How Exciting" yeehah! ?

2018 Mar 5
Y'know that feeling you get when a cool, interesting new foor place opens and you can't wait to eat there and talk about it and read the menu and try different stuff and post here about it and take pics to share and bring your friends?

....well, the opposite of that.

2018 Mar 5
OK. Thought so.

Same sentiment here.

I've been calling it Dumm's for some time now.

Here is the rhetoric pic ... and the ...

2018 Mar 5
... and the reality pic.

2018 Mar 7
Thyme and again is opening a 2nd location this spring

2018 Mar 9
Where is the 2nd location?

2018 Mar 9
The old Beer Store location next to Produce Depot, on Carling

2018 Mar 9
@Captain Caper: Pier 21 will be occupied by a Toronto group that runs a few bar/restos there. All I know is that they are corporate and they are Molson.

2018 Mar 10
Went past Yakiniku One Table BBQ Buffet yesterday and they are now open. Still don't know much about what this place is about.

2018 Mar 12
Google Yakiniku and AYCE and you'll have what their restaurant is about.

Don't know how good they are as of yet, as I'll wait a couple of more weeks and give them a chance to work out some growing pains. They just opened last week.

2018 Mar 13
Something called "Little Macs" is opening up in the ol' hut that once housed both Hintonburger and Suzy Q on Wellington West.

2018 Mar 13
The Momo Spot is having another pop up restaurant at Good Eats on March 24th. For those of us that missed the last one more information is here:

2018 Mar 14
hearing rumours Santosei Ramen is opening a second spot in Nepean soon

2018 Mar 14
"Little Macs"....


2018 Mar 16
Or Macarons?

2018 Mar 16

2018 Mar 22
Oat Couture - maybe April 3 (

There is a Greek specialty food store going in where the camera store was for years at Bank and Gilmour (

2018 Mar 24
Oat Couture is now open- looked super busy this morning.
Almost got food there, but then really wanted the kids breakfast at life of pie...
Nice that Life of Pie let me get the kids breakfast-as for me today I could hardly finish that and was not up to trying new food today.

Shawarma House in now called SHAWARMA HOME- at least the Walkley one is.
Apparently they changed ownership I was told.
Menu is still the same

2018 Mar 29
Centrale Bergham at college square is now open. God help my arteries

2018 Mar 29
Lexington Smokehouse & Bar will soon be opening in the old Corner Bar & Grill in Westboro.

2018 Mar 30
SHAWARMA HOME immediately joins the very highest ranks of ottawa restaurant names

2018 Apr 3

Oat Couture on Bank st is supposed to be open.
Was in there Saturday around 2:30pm and they had a sign on the sidewalk saying they had samples, but when I did got in was told they had no food for sale, as it was a "soft open'' and they were closing at 3 that day.

.....So ended up getting food at Life of Pie, as they always have soup and other tasty food there.

Oat Couture looks to have an interesting menu!

2018 Apr 3
I have oats. Next time, just call.

2018 Apr 3
No food? The very 'softest' of openings! Did you at least use the washroom?

2018 Apr 3
I went into Oat Couture on Good Friday in the morning, it was standing room only. They sold coffee and tea and were passing out samples, most sample trays did not get far before being emptied.

I was a regular at the Streat Truck and when I went to the back to say hello to Ben (former Streat proprietor) he was kind enough to grab three different samples for me to try.

I had a Pumpkin Puree, caramel, Shortbread oatmeal, a lemon curd, blueberry, almond oatmeal and one savory oatmeal, the Kyoto which is sticky beef brisket, pickled ginger, pineapple and hoisin sauce.

I was really impressed with all three but the savory oatmeal was a nice surprise, very tasty and it all worked really well together.

2018 Apr 3
...sticky beef brisket oatmeal?


I don't know whether to be intrigued or disgusted. On the strength of the Streats truck, going with intrigued.

2018 Apr 3
Walked by Little Mac's yesterday (the trailer on Wellington where Hintonburger first started out). I didn't go in but they had a sign board out front that said:

They also had a sign on the building for Help Wanted.

2018 Apr 5
Re: Little Macs

They have a few sample pics/menu/review and info up on Google business Listing now....

2018 Apr 5
Went to Oat Couture earlier today.

Had the small $7 oatmeal bowl- the Bubba has shrimp,avocado,some kinda sauce, asked for no green onion.
The shrimp are on the smaller side.

I'd say the small bowl is around 1 cup of oatmeal and I had about 1/4 of a avocado or 3 smallish slices.
The small bowl is not that big, but good if you want to try more than one bowl. I was still hungry after the small bowl.

Also bought a energy ball, oat ball for $1 those are golf ball sized and have peanuts and dried fruit and not too sure what else. They had no specific info about the oat balls and what was in it and was not told when I bought it, but then I did not ask.
So, if you want to know what is in it you need to ask.

I will go back to try some of the other oatmeals and items.

You can design your own oat bowl with 3 add ins for $7, then $2 for an additional item.
But if you get the beef kind-they do not have beef and mushroom separate-the beef and mushroom is cooked together.
So you can not just add say some mushrooms to a savory bowl.

They also had some granola for sale that you can take home.
I just bought some granola at another store,so will get their granola later on. It just seems packaged to take home and not to eat there.

2018 Apr 6
What? Oatmeal that you can eat at home? You mean I don't need to go out to a fancy restaurant to get my oatmeal/granola anymore?

2018 Apr 9
Something called MOE'S BBQ opened at 2446 Bank street, the strip mall at Bank and Hunt Club, across the street from Shawarma Palace, opposite the Wendys.

My first google gave me a curiously similar place in Albequerque, but i'm fairly sure that has nothing to do with this:

Anyone been or know any details?

2018 Apr 10
Le Mien Craft Noodle is going in where Sash Gelato used to be on William across from the Market building.

2018 Apr 10
ByWard Market Maverick's Donuts, from the photo, next to International Cheese (

2018 Apr 11
Meryenda Food Truck, tasty Filipino, at Prince of Wales and Meadowlands, in the parking lot of the oil change place, open today for the season! (

2018 Apr 12

Has Mad Radish opening another location at Slater and Kent St been brought up yet?

If not, well Mad Radish will be opening up on Kent and Slater soon.

2018 Apr 13
Surprising. That's barely a five min walk from their Albert/Metclafe location.

2018 Apr 13
The salad bowl competition is pretty cutthroat in the government worker core. A Copper Branch is opening soonish in Constitution Square.

2018 Apr 13
OSoloMeal Agreed but I work in the neighbourhood (Sparks and Lyon to be precise) and you'd be surprised at how many people in the area won't walk that far for lunch. During the summer months I will often run over to Bap (Bank and Slater) or Angry Dragonz (Gloucester and Kent) and my colleagues will often say "Oh my you went that far for lunch?" Most of my coworkers seem to confine their dining options to a one block radius from our office building. Even Manhattans has two locations fairly close - one in Place de Ville and the other in the Minto building - fairly close to each other IMHO - but both locations are doing well.

2018 Apr 14
Table SODAM - New Korean resto opening on bank this April - thanks to table 85 on Bronson

2018 Apr 14
Yes, posted here already on Jan 26. Looking forward to their opening. Thanks for the Facebook link.

2018 Apr 15
Meow! That's Hot (the finest hot sauce makers in the area) are opening a brick-and-mortar location in Centretown called Meow! That's Hot kitchen + bar. It is located on Bank near Arlington, across the parking lot from Talay Thai, 519 Bank St. Opening “sometime this week; by the weekend for sure.” Don’t know what they'll be serving, but I am reasonably sure there will be excellent hot sauce involved.

2018 Apr 16
Thanks, EnglishFoodie.

Huh, I guess former Grand & Toy locations make adequate salad bowl restaurants?

2018 Apr 16
All the Meow! That's Hot recipes were developed by a chef who is now the executive at the Carbon Bar in Toronto. Where he continues to make delicious food and sauces.

2018 Apr 17
Wow that is definitely exciting re: Meow that's Hot

I believe that chef Viau (who is at carbon) isn't working with the brand any more so wondering(assuming) if the other co-founder/recipe maker Larry Russell is the one opening up shop since he is still in Ottawa (and also I believe now to be making the sauce out of House of Targ)!

Either way, worth checking out.

2018 Apr 17
Yes, that is right

2018 Apr 17
That reminds me that I have to follow up with Larry about getting product onto his shelves.

2018 Apr 18
If I understood the Instagram post properly, Arlington 5 has been sold to Happy Goat or someone from Happy Goat.

2018 Apr 19
Reddit is reporting that Table Sodam (1200 Bank where Havana Cafe was) is opening tomorrow with this menu (lunch above, dinner below).

2018 Apr 20
Kimchi Fried Rice w/Grilled Pork Belly...!

i know what i'm having for dinner this weekend.

2018 Apr 22
Reddit has sadly (and predictably) dumped over the Morning Owl reformulation of Holland's (, but notes that the sandwich chef, Holly Laham, is catering and plans to open a place called Holly's Hot Chicken ( ( This sounds like it might fill the terrible, terrible void.

2018 Apr 23
'Waaah change is bad' self-identified hipster OP lost all credibility with me when repeatedly reiterating "another fucking hipster coffee shop"...

Also, Morning Owl is a (damn fine imnsho) local business and a better outcome than getting another fucking mass chain coffee shop.

2018 Apr 25
Looks like something is going in where Borgo Bar at 262 Preston St once was. Heard it'll be whoever the owner is second location/venture.

2018 Apr 25
Has anyone gone to Table Sodam yet?

2018 Apr 26

Official opening date for Toro Taqueria is May 7th

2018 Apr 27
Meow! That's Hot kitchen + bar is worth a visit.

Popped in for lunch and to restock my hot sauces, they've put together a great looking little spot and the menu was small but impressive. Four kinds of mussels, four sandwiches and a couple of mains, all with hot sauce pairing suggestions.

Had a Seed to Sausage Capicola sandwich and Orange and Fennel Salad, both were very good, I was in a rush but will be back to sample the mussels as well.

With Wilf and Ada's Flora Hall and now Meow, this little stretch of bank street is really improving.

2018 Apr 27
Here's my lousy picture of the Meow! menu in the window.

2018 Apr 27
Extremely encouraging Instagram post on the sandwich developments at Morning Owl Parkdale. It is particularly nice to see such a hearty response to social media feedback. "Let me be extremely clear, the perfect sandwich is not f** gone." (

2018 Apr 29
Sansotei Ramen opening on Merivale road where the Menchie's used to be.

2018 May 1
Yet another chain from Quebec, Mamie Clafoutis (, opening in Ottawa, this time in Westboro (

2018 May 1
I stopped by Mamie Clafoutis this afternoon. They are opening in two weeks.

2018 May 3
The Pink place on Preston Wholesale Wayne posted is the 2nd Location of Dreamland Cafe according to their Instagram!

2018 May 6
Rumor has it that another Happy Goat Coffee location is going to replace the ill fated Antipazzo (formerly Taylors) at Bank & Sunnyside.

Was kind of hoping would be another restaurant...

2018 May 7
I might be jumping the gun on the "opening" part but when I went grocery shopping in Chinatown yesterday I noticed the "Zen Kitchen" sign had been taken down from the resto's former location and replaced with "Rangoon". There was also a sign in the window saying "Opening soon". I sure hope they are reopening. I never had a chance to try them out when they were located downtown but apparently the food was good but they were in a low traffic area. Hopefully things will work out for them on Somerset.

2018 May 7
@Ratty - yah, with Starbucks, Bridgehead and Tims already, plus Stella and Life of Pie, AND Whole Foods cafe just over the bridge, that stretch needs another coffee place like Merivale needs another strip mall.

2018 May 7
If you're going to throw Landowne into the mix there's also Allegro and Aroma cafes, not to mention Black Squirrel is right there too. Coffee options is not something that Old Ottawa South is lacking.

2018 May 7
You're right, I always forget about Black Squirrel for coffee. My default is usually Bridgehead, Life of Pie if i want food, but the Squirrel is all good.

2018 May 9
Thyme and Again opened a 2nd location on Carling yesterday however their new location will be focusing mostly on catering:

2018 May 9
La Roma has opened a take-out window. Cash only, $10 or under, short menu but the one posted today had 2 sandwiches, a pasta, a meatball, cannoli... 11-3 weekdays.

2018 May 10
The new Dreamland Cafe on Preston opens tomorrow! BTW their Mac and Cheez is very nice :)

2018 May 10
The Cameron opened this week (Sorry if this was already posted - I'm new!)

2018 May 11
Just noticed that a new restaurant has opened in the place on Somerset replacing Spicy Legend (across street from koreana - downstairs from the famous owl of Minerva).

It's called Shan Yuan Hakka (or something very close to that) and it is All-you-can-eat. This should be interesting if this is really a Hakka restaurant because what I'm familiar with from Toronto is a tasty fusion of Chinese food with East Indian spices & flavours (Garam Masala Lovers dream!).

I'll eat it soon and find out for real.

2018 May 11
Lol, used to have fun there when it was the Somerset Sports Bar, but that dive went out of business shortly after the smoking ban came into effect.

2018 May 12
I was at Thyme and again on Carling on Wednesday and they had a bunch of frozen food and shelf stable ones and a couple of ready to eat stuff including roasted vegetables, caulilower, noodle salad etc. Bought a smoked salmon tartar jar and some carrot soup and the smoked salmon tartare was excellent. Some limited small pastries and coffees too.

2018 May 12
Toro Tacqueria is now open.

2018 May 13
Joe's Fish market and restaurant is open right beside Rideau Bakery on Bank st.

It is a fish store where you can buy fresh fish to use at home or they can cook your fish there in various ways.

They also have shrimp that you can get pan cooked w herbs or deep fried.
They did not have a full menu yet and did not have salads the day I was there.

There are wedge fries and french fries and babaghanouj (eggplant dip) available- as the owner is lebanese, so they will be having middle eastern salads soon.

I've had food there twice this week and will def go every week to pick up things.

This is great if you are unable to cook or are on bank st and want a quick meal.

The fish when cooked there is a extra $5 more than the fresh price.
I think 1lb salmon fillet was $8, plus $5 to have it cooked there.
Shrimp was also around $8, plus $5 extra to have it cooked.

I thought those prices seem quite decent.

-picture above is the cooked salmon and the wedge fries.
-wedge fries were very good and fresh. This was a small size...

2018 May 19
Lollo, Salads & Coffee, near Nicastros in the Market, opening Summer '18 (

2018 May 20
A rather striking sign on Score Pizza in the Rideau Centre, concerning this coming Friday and something about free pizza.

2018 May 26
Lollo is owned by Bottega Nicastro (

2018 Jun 3
Stubbe Chocolates are moving this fall to 1224 Wellington Street West (at Hinton). It's that little sideways mini-mall building next to Morris Home Hardware. You can go to the old store on Dalhousie June 19th to 23rd for 50% off old stock before they move. That's a hell of a deal.

Now that cococo is closing, there will still be a great chocolatier in the area.

2018 Jun 10
To update on pasta lover's post last month, it looks like Rangoon is indeed open in the old Zen Kitchen spot on Somerset. They've got a sidewalk sign advertising their food with a big 'now open' on it. I guess it's assumed that it's same ownership as the last version of Rangoon in Centretown?

Also, that spot was empty forever.. wonder what took so long for something new to happen there

2018 Jun 13
There is a new Mexican restaurant somewhere (two hashtags are MontrealRd and Beechwood) which has changed its name to Chilaquiles Mexican Cuisine, featuring the Mexican dish called chiliaquiles (nachos smothered in salsa) ( You can get chiliaquiles in a box which I've had and is not bad at all ( Menu ( Pretty interior ( There is more than one photo in each Instagram posting.

2018 Jun 13
That spot at Bank and Sunnyside is becoming a Happy Goat (, about as good as you could expect for a coffee shop.

2018 Jun 13
Yakko Takko, from which I had an excellent burrito last summer, is back, but this time on the west side of Bank north of Holmwood (at Thornton). It was parked in the tiny yard in front of what is now a construction company, but was for years a muffler repair shop. I don't think it was open (but it was a lousy day).

2018 Jun 13
There is a new place under construction called Lexington Smokehouse & Bar (, on the south side of Richmond west of Churchill, said to be opening Tuesday June 19th at 4pm ( Menu ( is American southern and promising. Instagram (

2018 Jun 14
Re Yakko Takko - great, now a whole different part of the neighbourhood can deal with that guy's rude, poorly-socialized, always un-leashed dogs. Watch where you step, he doesn't pick up after them either. Oh and he'll yell at you if you complain about his dogs harassing your dog / child / relative. Zero stars.

2018 Jun 14
Oh man, now that sounds like afun time.

2018 Jun 14
The dog thing came up at the previous location, but I haven’t seen them at the new one yet in the five or six times I’ve passed by.

2018 Jun 16
Via David Reevely ( and Reddit (, Popeyes in the old Rogers building in the Glebe, which of course was once a KFC.

2018 Jun 20
A place called Eldon's is opening where the ill-fated taco place was beside the diner in the Glebe. On the brown paper in the window they say they will be opening July 3, with a open house to show off the place on Canada Day.

2018 Jun 20
There's a place on Bank, west side, just south of Heron, looks to be similar in concept to Rayan - you order raw fresh fish and they fry it for you at a price per pound - called Joe's Fish Market. I guess mostly for take out as they have most of the space to display fish and only a few tables. Not sure if it is open yet.

2018 Jun 21
'Pre-opening' at 7am tomorrow for Les Moulins La Fayette (

2018 Jul 1
General clean up - new hotel (Le Germain) at Daly and Nicholas (in the new art gallery building) with a restaurant called Norca ( I'd eat crispy offal bites.

New bar/restaurant where the Black Tomato was at George and Sussex (The Clarendon Tavern) (

Gongfu Bao is said to be opening very soon (

2018 Jul 3
Ministry of Coffee on Elgin moved across the street (with comments saying a sandwich shop moved into old spot) (

2018 Jul 4
Lollo, beside La Bottega Nicastro in the Market, opening 'soon' (

2018 Jul 4
Lots of controversy around Yakko Takko today. His truck was towed. CTV is covering the story.

2018 Jul 6
Centrale Bergham has opened in the former location of Shawarma House on 3059 Carling.

2018 Jul 6
The Lollo menu they were handing out today.

2018 Jul 7
Mad Radish at Kent and Slater ( I'd never dare set foot in one (leaving aside the food, I still boycott the no-cash thing), but peering through the windows they are all packed with rows of women eating $20 bowls of lettuce, so they must be making a fortune.

2018 Jul 9
Yakko Takko story, article....

2018 Jul 9
"Yakko Takko appeared to be using the sidewalk as a waiting area for its clientele, which impeded foot traffic moving through the area."
Show me a food truck where this is NOT the case.

That said, he seemed to be breaking all of the rules and laws set out for him ... so, I'm siding with the city on this one.

People are fighting for him to stay because they like the food. I get that. However, this isn't really a valid legal argument and that's what everything boils down to in this city.

2018 Jul 10
The people who have bought the Brooklyn Bridge might want to give Mr Yakko some advice on getting his rent money back from the guy who rented him city property.

Centrale Bergham is 'opening soon' on the west side of Dalhousie north of Rideau. Centrale Bergham seems to be expanding very quickly.

2018 Jul 10
There is a new Mediterranean restaurant opening at constitution square called Eatz.

2018 Jul 11
Looks like Pure Kitchen is opening a third location-- on Preston, in or immediately next to the space that was formerly Salt's (per reddit

And apparently this is older news, but they're also opening a location in Kanata .. late summer/early Fall 2018

2018 Jul 16
Table 85 is back after a short break

2018 Jul 17
Dessert Brunch Cafe now opened on Bank near Pretoria.
In the former Makita space.

2018 Jul 20
Filuccia.Gelateria - a gelato food truck opened last week on Wellington, in the parking lot next to Daniel O'Connells.

About 6 different flavours, gelato is fresh made every day.
Cash only. Gelato is very good.

2018 Jul 26
Too Beaucoup where Kaashi Food Centre was on Somerset (by, I think, the sommelier of Supply and Demand) (

2018 Jul 26
That Second Cup on the corner of Wellington and Holland has finally opened where the Map Shop used to be. I know this isn't huge news, but it has been under construction for quite a while now. Also, Pinkberry yogurt!

2018 Jul 26
re: Too Beaucoup -this is amazing news... my office is in Chinatown (behind Phuket Royal) and I'm super excited about what's happening in this neighborhood.

2018 Jul 26
What is Too Beaucoup?

2018 Jul 26
Too Beaucoup has a FB page but with little information. Only says Cafe/diner

2018 Jul 27
Can you post the link to the FB page? I couldn't find it

2018 Jul 27
Their facebook page is here:

2018 Jul 28
This trailer appeared where Yakko was last summer, and seems to have been getting ready for a while - Fifth Dimension Snack Bar (

2018 Jul 29
Café Delish opening up in the former space of Basmati (Somerset St West / Bank St).

Not to be confused with Café Delice on Kent St.

2018 Aug 3
Finally, Gongfu Bao (

2018 Aug 8
Yakko back-o, at the old Trii Lounge spot (

2018 Aug 8
How has no one mentioned Big Daddy’s yet?!?!? (Please ignore if it has been, I am just overly excited at the prospect!!!)

At Elgin/Cooper:

2018 Aug 10
Walked by Gongfu Bao today - a nice gal outside doing some painting told me they are having a soft opening tonight 5pm until 10 (I think she said 10)

2018 Aug 16
Pudgyboys, where the good sandwich shop was, and most recently King's Pizza and Greek, at 311 Bank, opening in the fall (

2018 Aug 21
Dropped in at Cafe Delish today. Guess who was behind the counter. The original owner of Basmati. YES!!!! He is back. He has taken back the location but too bad he couldn't get back the original restaurant before the THEN new owner's ran it. It was never the same.