North of 7 distillery tour return [Events]

Jun 2
Hi all

Several of us talked about returning to North of 7 when their whiskey is 3 years old and ready for bottling after we tasted theit 22 month old white dog last Feb.

I heard from someone that they tasted the bottled whiskey a week ago so stopped today at North of 7 and they are now selling bottles from their 2nd cask...

I asked and was given a great deal for those who want to do the tour with tasting and a shot glass for 10$ pp which is less than the Groupon deal we had last year which was $22 for 2.

We had option of June 24 4pm and June 17 4pm and I have tentatively booked June 24. If there is enough people who prefer the 17th, I may be able to change the date...

Please comment to indicate interest and if you have date preference...

Jun 3
How long does the tour take?

Jun 5
An hour

Jun 5
I'm definitely interested in the June 24th option!

Jun 5
I'm interested, with a plus one.

Edited to add: June 24th would be our preference.

Jun 5
Thomas and myself, on the last tour would be interested.

Jun 12
Booked for Sat June 24 4pm.. if people want to continue after, we can probably stroll to Bicycle Brewery before they close at 6pm.

Foodtravel +2
Francid + Thomas

I am going to post this on meet up too which some people have expressed interest.

Jun 12
Tasted some of their rum at the Orleans Micro Brewfest this past weekend, was really good! Unfortunately my weekends are booked until August or I would go on this tour.

Jun 12
They have some weekday tours and Thurs opens a bit later so you can try to see if there is one you can join

Jun 13
Thanks FoodTravel! I will look into that :) really liked their products and always want to support local businesses

Jun 17
Hi all,

Just want a final roll call at t+7 days since I have 20 spots total between Ottawa Foodies and Ottawa Social meetup and I have a waitlist on the other group.

Please confirm you still want to attend and it is $10pp. I am collecting in advance for the other group since drop out rates are sometimes pretty bad when I was organizing cooking workshops. For Ottawa Foodies, I am willing to do it at the door if you are committed.


Jun 17
We're still in.

Jun 17
I'll be there for sure!

Jun 19
Great... Francis are you still in?

Asking for payment at Ottawa Social is sorting the wheat from the chaff lol.. A bunch cancelled so someone who paid already but was a little slow in RSVP finally got a confirmed spot. And I have okay to go a little higher than 20 if we really need to.

Jun 23
T-1... Really looking forward to it