Cider help [General]

2016 Jun 6
Cider is one of my favourite things to drink. Hard cider that is. All natural 5% fizzy apple juice. My two favourites are Aspall's and Stowford Press. Both from England and only one was ever available at the LCBO until a few years ago. I have been looking in vain in both QC and ON for a good cider like those but I have found only glucose fructose corporate crap. I have tried Savannah, Pommies, Mustique, Waupood and Angry Orchard. Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.

2016 Jun 6
Blackthorn used to be widely available, I liked Stowford, when you could get it, there was another British cider I have bought recently, called, I believe, Brothers, it came in bottles,and if I remember correctly, it was from Somerset. Different LCs have different stock, but I haven't seen any of these around anywhere recently, and I go to a fair number of different ones. There currently seems to be several varieties of Strongbow, the usual one, and one with a slightly different can and higher alcohol content.County Cider from the Waupoos people is OK. Waupoos on tap, I find is better than the bottled stuff. You can get it at Chez Lucien, Clocktower, the Manx. But yeah there's some real sugary stuff out there, alcopop for the kiddies. . . . . . .
I just did a product search on LCBO, and there's not much, no Stowford brothers, or anything much else British, except Blackthorn and Strongbow. . . . . .
If anyone you know is going down east, get them to bring you back some Bulwark, or just hop on a plane to London, and go to the Cider Taps, outside Euston Station. . . . . That's what I want to do now, thanks. . . . . .

2016 Jun 6
Somersby is all natural and isn't too sweet. Just kidding, it's disgusting and takes more like a jolly rancher than an apple. The best I've had is Bulmers, but it still isn't very good. It's too bad none of the local craft breweries have done a cider.

2016 Jun 6

SAQ has 193 cider offerings on their website:

2016 Jun 6
I met these guys at a drinks show a couple of summers ago, and I really liked it. Shiny Apple Cider. It's made with all Ontario apples.

2016 Jun 6
Cider is my favourite too. I'm partial to Batch 1904 from Brickworks (in Toronto). I also enjoy Woodchuck Cider which is out of Vermont. Both seem to be readily available at the LCBO.

Also, this is my first post- hi everyone :)

2016 Jun 7

....tho theyve been getting a little oddly creative with their flavors lately.

2016 Jun 7
Try looking in SAQ for "Cid" brand; there are a few varieties. Its made near Granby, Qc. at Les Vergers de la Colline

Great stuff, even better if you can find the "Api Hop" - extra dry cider, made with hops - does NOT taste like hoppy beer, its much different! (but you might have to go right to the source to get this stuff).

Apparently soon they will have a "fill your own growler" service. You bring your own, clean growler and fill it for like $6.

2016 Jun 7
I also like the Brickworks 1904. I'm quite interested to try the two local cider outfits when they open later this summer: Flying Canoe on Colonnade and Vintage Hard Cider in Ramsayville. From their web and FB pages it looks like Flying Canoe is closer to commercial launch.

2016 Jun 7
Soooooooooo easy go to make in the fall. Never go to the LCBO or SAQ again!

Costs under $30 for 5 gallons or $0.50 a bottle :)

2016 Jun 7
Sorry, but Vintage Cider isn't happening. Andrew didn't manage to get the funding he was looking for, so has put that project aside.

2016 Jun 10
Two people made this in the fall using the chinese yeast balls directly on the quartered apples and said it came out great. Mine didn't, but I did mine in the garage, and it might have been too cold.

2016 Jun 11
I've been drinking a fare bit of cider lately, and have not tried the ones pointed out by the original poster. However
1. Have had a few cans of Shiny - it is very good (or at least I like it).
2. Had a can of Growers, not so good.
3. I enjoy Stongbow's regular. Their flavoured one is quite sweet.
4. Seagram's is making a cider - its not too bad.
5. I have a can of Somersby "appled flavoured cider" that I'm wondering about - its states ingredients as cider, apple juice, natural flavour - or something like that. I'm guessing it is made from various fruits. not necessarily of the apple persuasion and perhaps a jolly rancher as noted above.

2016 Jun 12
I can vouch for Stowford Press. When I was able to purchase it at the LCBO it spoiled me for other ciders. The others I've had are just too sweet; I have to load them up with ice to dilute the sugar a bit.

Definitely looking forward to when they can finally get nutritional labels up on booze bottles. That way you can easily compare sugar content. Note: LCBO has sugar (g/L) for some products on their website, so you can do some research.

At 25 g/L, Thornbury was the lowest available one I could find. Somersby is over the top at 104 g/L. Ackk! Most are around 50 g/L, with Strongbow being a respectable 30 g/L.

2016 Jun 14
Rizak, good call on the Shiny Apple. Very tasty! I wish the label was more readable though. Thanks!

2016 Jun 14
I know. It's too shiny.

2016 Jul 9
Bumping to add:

There have been two mentions of the Brickworks 1904, but has anyone else tried the Queen Street 501? I am absolutely loving it.

2016 Jul 10
I didn't care for the Queen Street 501- found it too sweet. But glad you're enjoying it!

2016 Jul 11
Had Shiny Apple and Thornbury recently.. both are fairly decent 😀

2016 Jul 11

Here's a list of them.

Keep in Mind, Collective Arts Cider can be gotten at college square loblaws. As well as others.

2017 May 31
Enjoying a Caple Rd cider by Weston's from the LCBO. I like it! 5.2%

2017 Jun 2
Cracked Apple with Spiced Rum was my absolute favourite but sadly the LCBO no longer carries it.
I guess I'll be experimenting mixing cider with spiced rum to try and recreate it.

Magners Pear cider is another favourite as well as one called Grow A Pear. Refreshing, crisp and not overly sweet.