Quebec City [Travel]

2016 Jan 13
Going to quebec city in April. It's a ways off but thought I'd tap into ottawafoodies' knowledge early and get as many recommendations as possible. Mainly looking for food recommendations, but also cool pubs or anything else.

Merci bcp!

2016 Jan 13
L'Oncle Antoine is a cool little pub in Lowertown in the bottom of a stone building that dates back to 1754. Some say it's the oldest pub in Quebec City. Good beer selection and super friendly staff - when I went they remembered me from my previous visits in the same week.

2016 Jan 13
L'affaire est Ketchup is a newer restaurant that gets a lot of hipster attention but apparently the food is excellent. Bourdain visited on one of his shows too. I couldn't get a table last time I visited.

2016 Jan 13
Do not get crepes at the place next door to the Chateau Frontenac. So gross.

2016 Jan 13
For drinks I'd recommend Bar Ste-Angele. Another one of those very old, basement of brick house-type of establishment.

2016 Jan 13
I would also recommend L'affaire est Ketchup. It's a bit loud but the food is outstanding. Panache in Hotel Sainte Antoine (next to the civilization Musee) is absolutely fantastic. I would also recommend Les Ancêtres on Ile d'Orleans, great rustique food and an outstanding view.

2016 Jan 13
Bistro L'Atelier on la Grande Allée offers tartars and cocktails. Great atmosphere.

2016 Jan 13
I love Les Anciens Canadiens. Quality, old school French Canadian cuisine. Lots of game meat options. Medium rare is more rare than rare in most Ottawa restaurants. Reservations needed.

2016 Jan 14
• Le clocher penché
• Saint Alexandre Pub
• L'affaire est Ketchup
• Panache
Le Moine Echanson
• Patente et Machin
• Le Chic Shack
• Chez Victor
• Le Billig

2016 Jan 17
I had a blast eating poutine Chez Ashton. It's super old-school. The last time I was there (admittedly, 2008) they were still using styrofoam takeout containers. Such is their commitment to casse-croûte culture!

2016 Jan 18
I love Chez Victor and if you like a dam good burger you will too!

Another mention-able is Le Bureau de Poste on St. Joseph... It is both cheap and tasty although it does has a fun hip bar feel at night.

For finer dining I truly enjoyed the classically french styled Restaurant Louis-Hebert all though don't expect to find a deal at this restaurant!

Grand-Allee neighbourhood is also a great hood to check out the night-time bar scene - Enjoy!

2016 Apr 21
I ate at Le St-Amour and it was excellent. A definite splurge meal, in a typical refined French style. Excellent wine selection as well.