Smoker emergency!! [Cooking]

2016 Jan 9
My husband accidentally lit our propane smoker on fire a few weeks back. No buildings, animals, or husbands were hurt in the fire, but two pork bellies succumbed to the flames.

We've used the smoker once since, and it managed, but today when we went to smoke some hocks, the whole thing fell apart. The damage from the fire was too much.

So, my questions are:

1) Anyone know where I can buy a propane smoker? As in pick it up today?

2) If I can't buy one today, how long can my hocks (which have already been brined, but are now sitting dry out in the fridge to make a nice pellicle) last before smoking?

2016 Jan 9
Which smoker did you have before?

2016 Jan 9
No idea, Tree Pug. We got it years ago, it's like a black filing cabinet with a burner on the bottom, a spot for the wood chips, a water pan, and racks for the meats above that.

I called all our local stores and some further flung places too, no one had anything in stock.

A farmer friend loaned us theirs for the day (thanks Hollanbec Farm!!), so the hocks have been saved. We're now going to see if we can buy parts to cobble something together for the burnt out one. The cabinet part is fine, but the whole bottom assembly is gone.

And obviously plans to build a proper one has been moved up on our list of priorities on the farm!

2016 Jan 9
If you need meats smoked Bank st sausage advertises that they have that service.
I think they are closed Sundays.

2016 Jan 9
Sounds like the Bradley (Bradley? ) smoker we used to have.

2016 Jan 9
I think the Bradley uses pucks, this one we can use our own applewood chips. If I recall correctly, we picked up at either HomeDepot or Canadian Tire, so what ever brand they carry.

We got the smoking done today only a few hours later than we originally planned, but should something happen again and we have to delay smoking, anyone know how long you can keep the meat (that was already brined) in the fridge for?

2016 Jan 10
My parents have this badboy.

All I can say is that it works really really well.

2016 Jan 10
A few days as a cold temp in the fridge would be no issue. If you have not got a replacement yet you should try a HD store just across the border. You can see what they have online in each store and call to make sure. Given your locale it is not too much of a drive.

2016 Jan 10
How about this Weber from Home depot? It has pretty good reviews.

2016 Jan 10
or this Bradley from Canadian Tire?

2016 Jan 10
I tried the Bradley smoker in the winter. It's 500 watt heater could not bring my meat up to temp. I had to finish it a slow oven.

Here are some solutions for using a Bradley in the winter.

2016 Jan 10
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

As I mentioned, the day the smoker fell apart, none of the stores mentioned within an hours drive of us had anything in stock. I was hoping someone would think of some place I hadn't thought of.

Sure, I could have ordered on line, but that was going to be about a 2 week wait. Not sure if the hocks would have lasted that long in the fridge, even a really cold fridge. Maybe if we vacuum sealed them, or maybe if we froze them, but not sure if you can smoke meat that has been frozen after it's been brined.

We'll find something to get us by until we build something this spring. Guess it's time to read that smokehouse design book I've got kicking around somewhere. ;-)

I will check out those links, Captain Caper. We usually try to wait until we get a break in the weather to smoke in the winter, but sometimes you just can't get a break.

2016 Jan 11
OG you could have just vac and froze them without issue.

Or just dropped them off and I would have 'taken care' of them for you!

Personally I think the Smokehouse Design book is both good and bad. I do like their 45 gallon drum smoker and is what I have built. Currenty using a Bradley smoke generator for smoke though plan to upgrade to the Krusty Smoke Bong when I get some free time over the winter. What I like about the drum is that you can place several racks in it for bacon etc but also hang sausage down several links.

I wish my tinsmith friends could be bribed to make me a very nice looking one but alas, their time is scarce too.


2016 Jan 11
a friend of mine years ago used an old wood burning stove and directed the smoke into an old dishwasher. worked great and had racks already built in.

2016 Jan 11
The real tragedy here is being overlooked... Won't someone think of those poor pork bellies???!!!

2016 Jan 12
Try capital appliance:

I have not dealt with them directly but they have been involved with local bbq events - the owner? is also a kcbs bbq judge.

UDS (ugly drum smokers) are pretty cool, lots of designs for them, as well as ugly-some old appliance - smokers out there. I've seen filing cabinets, stoves, dishwashers, fridges, washing machines ....