Separate Bills [General]

2007 Dec 6
Just read a comment about this in "buzz" that it's to be expected that the server will get testy if you ask for separate bills and there are 6 or 8 people.

IMO if the restaurant won't do separate bills, for one I won't give them a cent of a tip (and I'll tell them so). And moreover, I will never go back there. I mean, what the heck do they expect? They are the ones with the computer for crying out load. Separate bills should be pretty easy with most modern cash registers.


2010 Apr 20
The problem with splitting it equally is that you will invariably have one person who has had 2 or 3 beer, and someone else who has had none, so it never works out anywhere near equal. Or one person with a big meal and another having a salad.

Yes it is true that people moving around can make it a bit more difficult to get it all right, but trying and getting a couple things wrong is better than not even trying.