Crown Royal Northern Harvest [General]

2015 Dec 22
For anyone interested, I have it from a reliable source in the LCBO that the Orleans location will have this on the shelf this morning.

I picked up a few bottles last week and while it is not my favorite whiskey it is certainly one of the best bottles you will ever get for 30 bucks.

2015 Dec 22
Right you are! I just snagged a bottle. There are about 40 remaining, right at the entrance. Thanks!

2015 Dec 22
Now all gone.

2015 Dec 22
Awww too late . . . .

Whiskey of the Year ? Really ?

I wonder if it would be easier to find at the SAQ on the Quebec side ?

2015 Dec 23
This stuff has been selling out within minutes of hitting the shelves for a while now. I was tempted to buy some early on before everyone and his dog was after it, but I decided not to as I kind of lack the empty space in my liquor cabinet. 😳

I consider whisky to be similar to wine in that there are tasting experts who come up with opinions that often conflict with those of other experts. If you dig into it, there's a ton of subjectivity and yes, even BS. What some pro enjoys is kind of irrelevant. What really matters is how much YOU enjoy it. Give me tasting stations over expert reviews any day! I know what I like and good taste doesn't follow trends.

That said, I'm kicking myself for not grabbing a bottle now. Home taste-testing is the best way to go. (I'm currently doing it with pancake syrups.)

2015 Dec 23
I have a bottle I will gladly pass along to you warby. I will even hand deliver if you PM me your address.

Price will be what I paid for it - about 31 bucks

2015 Dec 23
I really liked Lagavulin, but when I smelled and tasted it for the first time, I tried to place the unique sensory tones . . . and something clicked in my brain that said "band aids". It smelled a lot like stick on band aids, yet somehow it was something satisfying and desirable.

Yes, taste, like beauty, is subjective, but if experts rank this whiskey as the world's best for 2016, surely it can't be a bad whiskey. :-) And you probably can't go wrong at $31, since Lagavulin is $130.

Whatever . . . my motto is f you like it, that's what counts. :-)

Speaking of whiskey, I noticed there is a craft distillery on St. Laurent (just south of the 417), called "North of 7".

. . . but I haven't tried it yet.

2015 Dec 23
Here are the top 5 for 2016 from that list . . . .


One of the world’s most remote distilleries has been awarded World Whisky of the Year for the very first time.

The Gimli Distillery, which sits on the shores of Lake Winnipeg in central Canada, is the home to the Crown Royal brand. Which in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016, published today, has been given the coveted title of World Whisky of the Year with its special Northern Harvest Rye edition.

It is the first time a Canadian Whisky has won the top prize in the Whisky Bible in this, its thirteenth annual edition. Last year the whisky world was shaken when the award went to a Japanese single malt.

Whisky authority Jim Murray, who tasted over 1,000 new whiskies before making his announcement said: “Last year people were shocked when I gave Yamazaki the award – until they tasted it. Then they saw it was not the affront to Scotch they first thought and something truly extraordinary.

“This year, doubtless there will be many more eyebrows raised because rarely is Canada mentioned when it come to the world’s top whiskies. But, again, I have no doubt people finding the bottling I tasted will be blown away with this whisky’s uncompromising and unique beauty. It certainly puts the rye into Canadian rye.”

2015 Dec 23
I have a couple of donations for the pancake syrup taste test. My own, of course, and a bottle of the Ginger People ginger syrup. It's odd, but delicious. I got 2 bottles and it is going to take me forever to get through just one.

2015 Dec 23
If we're talking Canadian whisky, I'll mention White Owl... Like whiskey and vodka had a mad passionate night and the resulting lovechild was also The Fonz.

2015 Dec 23
Well if anyone is up for an adventure I could procure a couple sacks of rye malt to experiment with this winter!

2015 Dec 24
Seems odd that Crown Royal just happened to have a ton of this Northern Harvest whisky lying around when all of a sudden it's named 'best.' I'm not into the whole whisky scene, but (honest question) did this whisky even manage a blip on anyone's radar before this one list came out?

2015 Dec 24
Neat video about their Gimli operations:

And the picture I posted is the Google Maps satellite image of their Gimli plant - it's massive, almost the size of the town itself, so yeah I guess maybe they did have a lot stored away? But they still sell a ton of normal Crown Royal too... Still seems a bit fishy to me but I know not much about this world.

2015 Dec 26
Sorry, what I am looking at in that photo is the airport. I heard that there is alot of glider activity there.

Also, Francis
"Speaking of whiskey, I noticed there is a craft distillery on St. Laurent (just south of the 417), called "North of 7".

. . . but I haven't tried it yet. "

I have, several times. They make good gin and vodka, a really really nice aged rum called Leatherback, and a white whiskey right now that it 70% abv. However they are aging and mellowing it and it will be ready in 2017.

2015 Dec 26
We have a bottle of the rum from 'North of 7' and agree that it is very nice. I usually stick to beer and wine, and might not be the best to judge any other spirits, but I've enjoyed it in the mixed drinks that we've made. It would be nice to see micro-distillers get the attention that micro-brewers are getting. There was a story on the radio recently about micro-distillers in Quebec and the hurdles they face. Unlike here, they can't even sell on their own premises.

2015 Dec 27
Here is one in Quebec I've found (but haven't tried yet).

2015 Dec 27
I have about an 1/8 of a bottle of that gin left. Makes great gin and tonics and negronis.

2015 Dec 27
Dry, or junipery?

2015 Dec 27
Where can I get juniper berries ? :-)

2015 Dec 28
OSoloMeal: I found it rather dry

Francis: I found some at bulk barn. Used them in my homemade peameal bacon cure.

2015 Dec 28
I should have thought of Bulk Barn . . . :-) Thanks.

Apparently you can make a really, really strong juniper infusion in vodka, then dilute a bit of that with more vodka when you want to make gin. The infusion is too intense to drink straight.

2015 Dec 29
Great article on Craft Distilleries in Ottawa, and the hurdles they have to overcome:


Wine & Spirits
FOOD & WINE: High Spirits — Ottawa is still crazy
BY Travis Persaud


The article was originally published in the April 2015 print edition of Ottawa Magazine


But those wanting to start a distillery still have some significant hurdles to overcome, especially the requirements specifically created to keep out small distilleries. For example, in order to open an onsite retail store, a distillery must have either a 5,000-litre still (imagine a cauldron big enough to hold three grown men) or a continuous still capacity of 150 litres of alcohol per hour.

Ottawa native Charles Benoit, co-founder of Toronto Distilling Co., says the first option simply does not work for craft distilleries. “We have a 500-litre still, and that’s a good size for us,” he says.

Benoit, a lawyer by training, found a way to achieve the second option by feeding the still with absolute alcohol to meet the hourly requirement. It’s a creative work-around that Ottawa’s North of 7 also used to get their business started.

Once up and running, taxes are the next big hurdle.

“We pay eight to 14 times the tax and duty that breweries or small wineries do in Ontario,” says Greg Lipin, co-owner of North of 7. “[But] we have the Ontario Craft Distillers Association that’s pushing for reforms from all levels of government.”

So exactly what do wineries and breweries pay in excise tax, compared with distilleries?

It’s based on alcohol percentage and the volume output of the winery, brewery, or distillery.
Made-in-Ontario liquor, created using craft distilling processes. Here, North of 7’s Leatherback Rum. Photo: Jamie Kronick

In general, wineries pay $0.620 per litre; breweries pay $0.312 per litre. Spirits, however, are taxed at a whopping $11.696 per litre.

“Then it’s the provincial markup,” Benoit says. “They don’t care about the alcohol content. They just mark up what you charge them. Our wholesale price is $12 a bottle — their markup is 140 percent.” By comparison, wine is marked up by only 70 percent.

Markup is something that every craft distillery has front of mind.


2015 Dec 29
My two cents...

Crown Royal Northern Harvest is a rye heavy Canadian whisky.

Lot 40 is also a rye heavy Canadian whisky.

Therefore Lot 40 is Crown Royal Northern Harvest which are both Canadian Whisky. And there is lots of Lot 40 on store shelves available for purchase.

Anyone who disagrees is also welcome to their opinion on whether or not 1+1=2 and may want to look into ESL classes as their difference of opinion shows that they don't know English.

(And yes, I love snow days!!!!!!!!!)

2015 Dec 29
Along similar lines, good ol' Alberta Premium is, and always has been, a 100% rye whisky and is nicely priced and always on shelves everywhere. We mostly use it as a mixer, but once in a while it's worth reacquainting yourself with it on its own, it's got a lovely bite to it without being harsh.

If you look around, you can still find 40s of Alberta Springs, which is more or less 'the ten-year Alberta Premium,' and isn't strictly 100% rye (but still maintains the rye profile, they're blending for flavour, not economy) -- Jim Beam/Suntory all but discontinued it (unless they actually did, and there's still back stock trickling through) when they bought the distillery because why offer a ten-year rye for the same price as the regular stuff, that's crazy! Anyway, that one is an absolute beauty, sipped neat or with a single ice cube.

Ralfy, who knows a thing or two about whisky and has probably sampled more whiskies than I've had hot lunches, speaks pretty fondly of Alberta Premium (maybe partially because he doesn't have any preconceived notions about its grandad's-liquor-cabinet image, what with him being in Scotland and all):

2015 Dec 29
Loads of great Canadian spirits out there. I am particularly fond of proof whiskey. It's made with wheat and rye and is really smooth drinking. Lots of spice and fruit notes. It's hard to find but I believe well worth it.

2015 Dec 31
"Therefore Lot 40 is Crown Royal Northern Harvest which are both Canadian Whisky."

But does it taste the same ?

2015 Dec 31
Found this review of Proof:

A new Canadian whisky from Toronto’s Proof Brands has been showing up quietly on LCBO shelves for the past couple of weeks. Proof whisky has now found its way into 132 LCBO locations, although most of them have very small quantities. A promotion begins on August 15 and the whisky will be available for tasting at Whisky Live Toronto on October 22. Although it is made in Alberta, so far it is available for sale in Ontario only. The news release included below arrived today so, here is a very preliminary preview based on one quick tasting:

The very expressive nose starts out with lemon cough drops. The palate, which is also quite expressive, has nicely balanced wood, rye spices, pepper, and citric notes. Although it is not as spirity as you might expect in a mixer, this is definitely mixing whisky, not a sipper, and will deliver lots of whisky flavour in a mixed drink.

The nose is sweetly floral, almost like baby powder, rich in citrus candy, but with faint farm smells such as hints of cow barn and hay. It is not overly sweet, but it has many candyish overtones. For example, there are hints of wax lips candy, Ceres red grape juice, and sweet lemon pie filling. As well, distinct rye notes include a typical rye earthiness along with vague hints of cinnamon, but you have to look for them.

The palate starts out with lilacs and violets then very quickly moves on to lemon cough medicine and hot white pepper. The pepper dominates leaving a nice burn on the tongue, and it is nicely supported by a fruity sweetness and lots of floral notes. This is not overly complex whisky, in fact it’s not complex at all. Towards the end there are hints of marshmallow and a citric zestiness that really seems to work with the pepper.

The finish is medium to short, very peppery and hot, with a slight tannic astringency.

This is not a connoisseur’s whisky, nor does it pretend to be. It’s summer whisky for parties, barbeques, and the cottage. Its citric and floral notes will add zip and breadth to a cocktail that you just can’t get with vodka. It reminds me of a sweetish version of White Owl (White Owl is a new top-end “clear whisky” mixer from Highwood that is selling so well out West the distillery can barely keep up with demand).

2015 Dec 31
Same site reviewed Crown Royal Northern Harvest and gave it 5 stars and "very highly recommended":

And here are all their reviews:

Lot 40 also gets 5 stars and "very highly recommended" . . .

2015 Dec 31
One of my coworkers got it for christmas, and gave me a shot. Man, this is smooth witha nice spice hit.

2016 Jan 4
Just cause ... picture above of the gimil airport is the site of the infamous Gimli Goose incident. Not sure about other glider activities, but it is/was the site for alot of sky diving (its where I went when I lived in Manitoba).

The whiskey aging area is huge, you can see all the buildings from the highway. I think they have been storing whiskey there probably since the early 1900's.

2016 Jan 4
Yes, the whisky buildings are north of the town where the little red placemark is. A massive operation.

2016 Jan 14
Lot 40 has a wonderful smell . . . but some harshness . . . .

2016 Feb 4
Trouble in paradise ?

2016 Feb 5
Lot 40 wins best Canadian whiskey:

2016 Feb 5
What are everyone's favs for whiskey/scotch/bourbon?

2016 Feb 6
Here's my list!

Bourbon: Booker's for sipping, Buffalo Trace for mixing (honourable mention to Maker's Mark).
Canadian: Lot 40 for sipping, Dark Horse for mixing.
Scotch: Aberlour A'Bunadh is the only Scotch I ever really loved.

2016 Feb 10
Bourbon - Basil Hayden
Scotch - Blend, Johnny Walker Platinum; single malt, all of them!
Whiskey - Nikka Taketsuru 17 year
Canadian - White Owl

2016 Feb 10
Thread drift!

2016 Feb 10
Back to the thread--there is a sign on the Carp LCBO (saw it today) that there is limited availability of the Crown Royal Northern Harvest--don't know if it's at that location but if you are interested you might want to check it out...we procured a bottle back in December and most of those (our friends) who had the opportunity to try it thought it was a tad harsh. I am no whiskey expert....

2016 Feb 10
This is the Lot 40 inventory as of yesterday Feb 9.

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye.

Seems to be lots of inventory for both.

2016 Feb 10
My apologies if I got off topic;) I was curious to try this one and also hear what other whiskeys are recommended:) BTW I like Jameson, glenfiddich, auchentoshan and Buffalo trace. That Japanese one sounds interesting too:) thanks warby, osolomealand and FT, I'll check these out (including lot 40;) next time I'm at the LCBO.

2016 Feb 11
It's not thread drift if you pretend that LF's post read:

"This Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye shortage is obviously a crisis and we require alternatives. Just in case i cannot get any Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, what are everyone's favs for whiskey/scotch/bourbon? ...which taste like Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. Or don't. "

Problem solved. You're welcome. :)

@LP, the Japanese whiskey is pretty amazing, so much so that there was a sort of 'crisis' last year when most of the distillers ran out of most of their aged products and removed the age statements from the labels. Sent fans of the products (me included) into a buying binge and drove the prices thru the roof. If you can get your hands on anything Japanese whisky 10 years or older at a decent price, grab it.

And also Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. Just because.

See? No drift here.

2016 Apr 4
Has anyone seen the Crown Royal Northern Harvest anywhere lately? Looking for a bottle!

2016 Apr 4
Saw some at the landsdowne LCBO in the last 2 weeks

2016 Apr 4
says they have 35 in stock at rideau centre lcbo. if you do a search on lcbo site

2016 Apr 7
Thank you!

2016 Apr 9
Yup, confirmed: I think that stock is a little bit more regular now. I picked some up a couple of weeks ago, and had no qualms about buying two ;)

2016 May 15
I didn't really like Lot40.

I got a chance finally to try Crown Royal Northern Harvest. It's complex, and very smooth. You can taste the rye. It deserves its reputation, and the award.

2016 Nov 16
Okay I am interviewing Davin de Kergommeaux regarding the 2017 Canadian Whisky Award announcement of nominee event on Dec 1 for

If anyone have some questions you would like me to squeeze in there, let me know.

2016 Nov 17
Yep: what does he think about the move away from age statements by some major distillers?

2016 Nov 17
They are having an announcement of nominees for the award event Dec 1st... apparently one contestant is from Ottawa...
one Ottawa company with a whisky in the competition.  It is a new company called Twelve Barrels started by a Carleton student, Cole Miller.
Anyone know Cole Miller?