Scallop Burger [Food/Vendor]

2007 Dec 2
Here is the menu from Shelia's Canteen (see next entry for complete pic). She is located on a beach somewhere just southwest of Peggy's Cove ,Nova Scotia.

She features a Scallop Burger. Now, I've had lobster burgers/sandwiches before, but I've (an ex-maritimer) have never heard of a scallop burger before.

Any Ottawa sources (and or recipes) for this little puppy ?

2007 Dec 2
Here's Sheila's Canteen.

I had the (whopping) two pieces of Fish and Chips. Best fish I had from my trip down east. Even better than the fine dining in Halifax ! And only $6.75.

Anyone wanting to see a pic of Sheila, just let me know and I'll put one up.

2007 Dec 2
I betcha Sheila doesn't make'm this way:

The cooking in the video doesn't start till about a minute in.

2007 Dec 2
Mmmmm, scallop burgers... not familiar with them from growing up in the Maritimes, but it seems like a heck of an idea.

2007 Dec 2
Wow, my rubber arm would need very little twisting for a visit to Sheila's!

Dunno if you ever venture south of the border, but there's a famous and great place called Doug's Fish Fry ( Quite a bit pricier than Sheila's but very good fish and seafood, served on cardboard and with attitude. I've visited the locations in Cortland and Skaneateles. The latter is a tiny and picturesque tourist town on the north end of Skaneateles Lake, famous for being a favourite summer holiday spot for the Clintons. Skaneateles is about 3.5 hours from Ottawa so within range for an ambitious day trip.

Of course my recommendation would be to extend the trip and visit Ithaca (home of the Moosewood Restaurant and Cornell University) and the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning ( too! The Finger Lakes region is a beautiful one and is very accessible to us. :-)

2007 Dec 3
I actualy just moved from NS a couple months ago, lived pretty close to Peggy's Cove. I haven't had one personaly, but I've seen other pick them up, looks like ground breaded scallops... nothing overly fancy.

I made a Nova Scotia restuarant guide a while back, if anyone is planning to head that way I can try and find where I put it :-) A few places off the top of my head in Halifax are The Five Fisherman for fine dining (excellent wine list too), Tug's Pub for the all you can eat mussels with various sauces (try the horseraddish crusted salmon too) for a fun night.

My favorite place was a little spot called "The Lobster Pound" in Hall's Harbour over looking the Bay of Fundy. Lobster cooked to perfection for only a couple dollars over market price, and the best "non greasey" fish and chips I've ever had.

2007 Dec 3
Thanks Peter for the follow-up.

The Hall's Harbour business looks quite interesting.

I sent off an enquiry to them about a wholesale order to Ottawa. I bectha any money they come up with a better deal than Clearwater. They have the Halifax airport locked up. They also run around thinking they own the place !!

Is anyone interested in going in on a wholesale order for the Xmas season ? I know a few of my Down-Easterner friends will bite (pun intended).

Of course it will have to be a better deal than my fav local lobster supplier, 168 Market.New 168 Market

2007 Dec 3
Wow Peter, that brought back memories of our one and only trip to Halifax, about a decade ago! We were there for two nights and ate at the 5 Fishermen and Salty's (for lobster). We chose the 5 Fishermen just randomly while walking around. It wasn't quite so upscale at the time but I remember having a great swordfish plate as well as the mandatory mussels.

It's time to go back! I'll skip Magnetic Hill in NB this time though. ;-)

2007 Dec 4
Caper: Let me know what kind of price per lb you get on the wholesale. I had a look at the asian grocery on Montreal St (whats the name?), they were $8.99/lb the other day. Lobster season has started too!

Fresh Foodie: I only lived in NS for 18 months so not sure what 5 Fisherman used to be like. I have a Salty's Fisn'n'Chips t-shirt, think my wife stole it from me :-) The waterfront restaraunt scene there is hit and miss, many are over rated tourist traps, but there are some gems.

A pic of Halls Harbour (thats the Lobster Pound on the left in the back)