The secret to getting Israeli couscous right served hot? [Cooking]

2007 Nov 13
I got my Isreali couscous today. I actually tried the Loblaws at Woodroffe and Bank and did not see in their Kosher section.... Anyway, I was able to obtain it at the bulk barn but now comes the issue of cooking it...

When I looked online, I noticed that lots of people seemed to have problems with it turning out mushy. For those who have prepared it and served it hot (i.e. not as a salad) whats the secret? I am especially interested in those who may have infused with a stock flavour.

Thanks again for any help on this.... and for all the past help people have kindly given me.

2007 Nov 14
The couscous is sometimes found in the ethnic sections of the grocery stores. Close to all of the pre-made indian sauces, dried beans, etc.

The way I use to cook it was just like you would cook pasta. Essentially that is what it is.
Add couscous to salted water & cook until al dente. Drain & toss in sauce, oil or butter to prevent it from sticking together, unless that is what you want it to do. Also can cook it in stock or infused water. If you find you might have over cooked it a bit run it under cold water, while in a strainer, until cool. Then re-heat in sauce & serve right away so it doesn't continue to cook. If you are unsure if it is done or not keep trying pieces until it feels al dente, can happen very quickly.

We use to make an Israeli couscous 'pilaf' that was delicious. Cheated a bit by boiling it until it was just before the al dente stage. Right before we were to serve it we sauteed onions, celery & a little garlic until soft. Then added the couscous, a little stock to cover & fresh chopped herbs. Heated the couscous through until warm & flavourful & serve. (seasoned of course, at each step)

2007 Nov 14
medicinejar, I assume you meant Woodroffe and Baseline. The couscous is in that long central aisle, just across from all the Kosher chocolate bars. I'll confirm it's still there next time I go.

I love that aisle because there's so many unique products but it can be a little overwhelming. The couscous could be difficult to find if you don't have a guide -- I was lucky enough to follow a bearded guy in a black hat who happened to picking some up for himself. :-)

2007 Nov 14
No I meant Woodroofe and Baseline but you must take the train to get there.... you have to get on at platform 9 and 3/4! You muggles don't know about that though! ;-) Cheers! (that's my story and I am sticking to it)

I looked in the kosher section and found couscous but not Israeli couscous..... my bet would be that they were simply out of stock if that is where it is supposed to be.