herb infused tea recipes for blends like sage, Thyme Savoury [Cooking]

2007 Nov 13

Hello - I posted this on Chowhound but thought I would ask here too... All help, as always, is much appreciated.

Following a great dining experience in which I either had a herb infused tea or broth (it was an amuse bouche and I really am not sure), I did a little research on herb infused teas for herbs that are not commonly used in teas such sage, thyme, basil, savoury. In other words, the herbs normally used for flavouring main dishes and appetizers - not dessert (I am not sure what the classification is for these types of herbs).

Anyway, I read about the basic concept of such types of herb infused teas in La Varenne Pratique by Anne Willan. However, she simply spoke of using one herb. Wether it was a tea or herb infused broth that I had, it appeared to be more complex and had a variety of flavours. I am thinking there has to be recipes for such blends but when I looked around the internet and even at some specific food sites, I struck out.

Any help or suggestions for either herb infused teas of the type I noted above and/or herb infused broth would be much appreciated.

Cheers and thanks in advance for any help!

2007 Nov 15
You can try any herb in your tea without the name brand.

I make a green mint tea with cranberries everyday.

It's easy and so good for you.

I use my coffee maker:

layer the bottom of the coffee maker so it's covered in one layer, with frozen cranberries (I prefer frozen, last longer and are firmer)

then add 5 green tea bags of your choice and one other tea bag of your choice.
I prefer pepermint for digestion.

add 10 cups water into the coffee maker, and let it do it's thing.

I like strong tea so I let it steep for a good hour before taking out the tea bags.

Leave in the crannberries and add honey to sweeten if you wish.
I also add orange rind for vitamine K or fresh lemon or lime.
I've even added sliced pears, which will ferment quickly but in a good way.

You can than add any herb you like, I add spices, cinnamon, nutmeg (takes the bitter taste off the crannberries. And fresh mint leaf from the garden.

Leave in fridge and drink it cold or heat in microwave.

Don't throw out those berries, put in dish and and some sugar on top and eat those delicious antitoxins up, they're delicious.