Favorite Store Bought BBQ Sauce [Food/Vendor]

2014 Jul 17
Our favorite go-to store bought BBQ sauce is out of production. It was from Redhead Pantry (Chesterville, Ontario). Emailed them and they are hoping to be back into production with a national distribution plan some day.

Can anyone recommend their favorite store bought sauce?


2014 Jul 17
You may not find anything better or more local than Chesterville's leading sauce maker's bbq sauce. I'll suggest something that's about as far away as you can get good bbq sauce, and that's Stubb's Spicy bbq sauce. I keep it on hand but my own sauces are as good or better. I do like the Stubb's on occasion.
Surely some others have other suggestions for you Aldente.

2014 Jul 18
The best store bought BBQ sauce, in my opinion, is Sweet Baby Ray's. If you add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to it the favour really wakes up.

2014 Jul 18
Rufus Teague touch of heat
Bone Suckin Sauce
Sweet Baby Rays

2014 Jul 18
Price Chopper in Ogdensburg carry Sensuous Slathering and Wango Tango Dinosaur BBQ sauces, plus the Cajun Foreplay BBQ rub.

I add a bit of malt and/or cider vinegar to these sauces to take down the sweetness and add a bit more tang. I like Foreplay as well.

Dinosaur BBQ started in Syracus in 1988. www.dinosaurbarbque.com/ There are references to this place somewhere here in Ottawa Foodies.

BTW: Said Price Chopper also has many flavours of Sweet Baby Rays and Stubbs. Not sure about Bone Suckin Sauce and Rufus.

2014 Jul 18
I loved Redhead! They disappeared and so I found Rufus Teague. That stuff I could drink! Now I make my own to cut down on the sweetness.

2014 Jul 18
BBQ Stu's is very good. It comes in varying heat levels and I bought mine at Romantic Fireplaces in Orleans.

2014 Jul 18
By far from all my travel's in the USA and Texas is a chain in Texas called Rudy's. A real great tomato based BBQ sauce with enough of a kick. I usually order 12 bottles around Christmas to give as gifts (a new tradition) Pick it up in Ogdensburg


2014 Jul 18
Thank you all so much, this has been really helpful. We now have lots of sauces to try. Making your own is obviously better but it's nice to have a couple of store boughts on hand.

Tree Pug - the fact that you could drink the stuff definitely puts that at the top of our list:)

JDK - how do I get on that Chrismast gift list of yous :)

Thanks again all of you, much appreciated!

2014 Jul 19
I was just thinking ... and of course, there's already a place called Adam's Ribs. I imagine that they'd likely have a great sauce. Probably applewood-smoked or something.

2014 Jul 21
See what you did there, Rizak.

...on the bought bbq sauce front, we enjoyed 'Dad's BBQ Sauce'... not much heat but lots of good flavor....

2014 Jul 21
If you're up for making your own this sauce has been around for 10 years and I've never had anyone tell me they didn't love it...read the 30+ pages of the thread for numerous variations that add more heat/sweet/tang/whateveryou'relookingfor.

No. 5 Sauce

1 cup ketchup
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon worchestershire sauce
1 tablespoon rub

Opional but v. good: 1/4 cup meat drippings
(whats left in the foil after the rest)

Simmer to marry the flavors and thicken as desired.


2014 Jul 22
I've been using beerlicious BBQ sauce ,its a Ted Reader product you pick up at Canadian tire. Also been using a lot of Just Wing It maple chipotle BBQ sauce. It's a local product made by a fellow in jasper.

2014 Jul 22
We use a fair amount of the Just Wing It sauces too. I do a lot of shows with him and love his products. He's another member of the Ottawa Specialty Food Association.

2014 Jul 22
@Stuart S I've been on to that for a couple years too. My variation starts with roasting some garlic in a bit of oil and I go with some cayenne for the heat. Once I found what I was looking for I haven't gone back to store bought(yes, fully aware of the thread). I started using it with pork(got the recipe for ribs on the smoker) but really it goes with anything on the bbq or smoker.

2014 Jul 22
Kansas City-Style Honey-Apple Cider BBQ sauce by Olivier Napa Valley

i'm addicted

2014 Jul 24
I like the Stubbs Original. I haven't ever found a store-bought sauce with less sugar, so it is good. Tastes great, hint of heat.

2014 Aug 2
I'm a huge fan of Rufus Teague whiskey sauce, followed by Stubbs hickory. But I'd love to get the recipe for my newest favourite that can't be bought in a store. I was pubbing my way around Kingston last week and had the wings at Kingston Brewing Company. Thick and rich and so much flavour! They do sell it in jars, but I've got to find this recipe!

2014 Aug 2
Dat no lie. Next time I'm in Kingston I'm going to have to stop in a buy a growler of their bbq sauce.