What are you drinking? (continued) [General]

2014 Jun 23
Hoping that Johanna will be able to tell me whether or not the Barterhouse is a worthwhile investment at $75. Alkie's liquor in Massena gets some unusual stuff and they don't typically inflate the prices so much. Last visit I paid $50 for the last bottle of Henrickson Angel's Envy, which will not be opened until Christmas.

2014 Jun 23
Help me understand your investment strategy Blubarry.....

Pay $75 now and then empty it over the course of a year and see if you will get your $75+ back for the bottle deposit!?


2014 Jun 26
I just got a bourbon boner.

2014 Jun 26
Still stuck on my Van Gogh Double espresso on the rocks or with super cold chocolate milk. It annoys me that the lcbo doesn't carry it.

2014 Jun 27
I'd pick up a bottle of the Campfire and Rendezvous Rye while you're at it, blubarry!

From Whiskey Advocate:

Barterhouse 20 year old, 45.1%, $75
Surprisingly lacking in oak intensity, given its age. Very creamy and soothingly sweet, with notes of honeyed vanilla, crème brûlée, sultana, orange creamsicle, peach cobbler, and a subtle array of tropical fruit. Soft and mellow on the finish. It’s very easy-drinking and should be enjoyable under most moods and circumstances. Very nice indeed!

2014 Jun 27
Nikka Yoishi, Japanese Single Malt Whiskey, 15yrs.
I may explode from the happy. Amazingly smooth.

2014 Jun 27
Old Tom.
Soda water.

About a quarter bottle of the first.
It's been a bad day.

I'll let you know how things went when I wake up on Sunday.

2014 Jul 4

I've been making a ginger simple syrup and adding a little of that to Maker's Mark. It's yummy, but goes down a bit too easily...!

2014 Jul 7
Wow a Budweiser product that rocks. Not my usual choice but I've got six into me and they just keep tasting better

2014 Jul 8
Maegan, could you share your ginger syrup recipe? I've been looking for something like that and your idea of pairing it with some bourbon sounds great!

2014 Jul 11
Last weekend in Toronto I picked up a bottle of Owl's Brew, a tea-based cocktail mixer: www.theowlsbrew.com

I bought the Coco-Lada flavour, which has notes of coconut and pineapple. I'm currently drinking it with Sailor Jerry's spiced rum, and I'm already regretting not buying the larger bottle since it doesn't appear to be available anywhere locally.

2014 Jul 11
Sparrow Seed, here's one recipe for ginger syrup: www.davidlebovitz.com

2014 Jul 14
@blubarry: Nice catch on the Angel's Envy, will make a great Christmas present to yourself. As for the Barterhouse, I haven't yet tried it myself but would be willing to take a gamble on it for $75 :)

2014 Jul 21
Peche Mortel imperial coffee stout. Strong smokey/malty flavours with an appropriate level of alcohol. Deeeelicious.

2014 Jul 22
Anything by Dieu du Ciel is going to be good, pretty much!

If I may ask, where did you get the pint glasses with the crown stamp? I was looking for those for years but haven't thought about them for quite a while.

2014 Jul 23
You can't go wrong with Dieu du Ciel beers...

I picked up 3 bottles of Maple Rye beer from Casselbrew a little while ago...such a well made beer. They use maple sap instead of syrop like most breweries do and which makes such a difference in the taste and texture. love that beer.

2014 Jul 23
Glass was acquired in England. Pub Italia has a very good selection of glasses in their merch store, might be able to find one there.

2014 Jul 24
Thanks. I had tried the Pub Italia store many years ago but haven't been there in a while.

Do they even use the Crown stamp glasses in the UK anymore, or has the EU forced the CE stamp and metric measures on them? I have a couple of glasses with the CE stamp that are a pint.

2014 Jul 28
I had hope for Hooper's Cloudy Lemonade from the LCBO, but it mostly tasted of lemon oil and sugar topped off with grain alcohol. No subtlety. I could have made that in my kitchen. 4% alcohol.

BTW, that Old Tom gin above? Yeah. Really nice. I recommend it.

2014 Aug 1
I'm drinking a Buñueloni, made with the Carpano Antica I stocked up on when the LCBO was briefly carrying it in the winter. Recipe here: culinariaeugenius.wordpress.com

2014 Aug 4
Just a little Caesar to kick start the day.

2014 Aug 4
Now that is a filling beverage!

2014 Aug 16
I tried something new at the LCBO: Crazy Uncle Uber Caesar. What a retched mistake. Just awful.

So, I tried to make my own caesar mix at home, with only passable results. Not very cost efficient either, needing $20 in clam juice to mix with a $2 can of tomato juice. Lemon juice, horseradish, Worcestershire, Montreal steak spice, etc. added and it was only barely flavourful. I think I'll stick to the prepared stuff from now on.

Speaking of ... I'll be back. Eventually.

2014 Aug 17
Beau's Sleepy Time Imperial Stout. Awesome, very smooth, and at 8% did the job on the sleepy part of the name.

2014 Aug 17
King Pilsener and King Vienna Lager - amazing beers both of them!

2014 Aug 18

Just found a keg of 11 year old mead in my basement that I did not know existed. Has to have been 8 years since I've had it hooked up.

Funny irony - the other day when cleaning up I found a bottle of it. Below is a video when I found the last bottle of it in 2009 and I was sure that was the last bottle. Lo-and-behold it was not, and i was very pleased to enjoy that mead over the weekend.

So I'm down there doing more cleaning and I see this keg way under a work bench, completely covered in crud (because in my dirt basement, everything gets that way after long enough time). I give it a rock to see whether anything is in it. Yup. So I twist it around to look for tags - same tag as that mead!

But I say to myself "self, there is no way that can be what is inside there - especially not almost full"

So I take it upstairs, clean it all up, and back down to hook it up.


2014 Aug 19
Your basement is a wonderland and I love it.