logo [General]

2014 May 24
I realize that you people are, for the most part, not graphic designers. However, I am acutely aware of how critical you can be. ;)

I'm playing with creating a cute logo for food makers in Ottawa for web identification or event flyers or something that we can all rally under. Or maybe just for fun, for throwaway buttons. I really have no idea at this point. It is just an idea that I had in my head that had to come out.

Included (top-right, next to the heart nudge nudge) is my first stupid idea. Poke it full of holes.

2014 May 24
I like the symmetry of it, but I dislike that it's just a matrix of letters. Also, the word TWAT kind of jumps out at me.

How about a stylized checkmark, where the short piece is the word EAT, where the T would form the vertex of the checkmark, also being used as the first T in Ottawa. The O could borrow from the official Ottawa stylized look: en.wikipedia.org

Maybe too cluttered? But it would be clear what it means.

2014 May 24
Do you play the Jumble a lot?

2014 May 24
Wow I'm impressed warby - I would bet my next paycheque that I've got a mind that is FAR dirtier than yours, and I didn't see no TWAT in there!

2014 May 25
LOL I saw twat right away. Oh dear..

2014 May 28
How about this:

2014 May 28
Do you really want to start off with a doughnut ? :-)