New!! Ottawa Underground Chef's Market [General]

2013 Aug 21
The Ottawa’s underground chef’s market is where home cooks and foodies connect. Completely new to Ottawa, this market will showcase food cooked by chefs and amateurs alike, and will allow the community to sample the city’s future food. This is neither a farmers market nor a food festival. This is Ottawa’s only social food event where ‘underground’ delicious recipes and new food ideas are shared with the community and made public.
Everyday in Ottawa’s home kitchens, delicious, unique and professionally graded food is being prepared for friends and family to enjoy. This market will give these culinary inventors a platform to present their creations to a wider range of guests.
All food will be handled and cooked in commercial inspected kitchen under the supervision of a health inspector.

The Call is on for all home cooks or chefs that have creative and delicious recipes and want to sell their creations at this market! Please register and fill out the form at this address:

For all you eaters out there like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more details on this upcoming event.
Privé food thought

2013 Aug 21
Privé food thought, I would suggest that you be more transparent with the following if you want serious interest from people:

* How much is the "vendor fee" participants would have to pay? (Note*1)
* What is the timeframe for this event? This seems important for people to know if they are able to participate.
* What exactly is underground about this? Do you encourage tax-evasion? Or is it more of an underground-style event.
* How is this not a food festival? It sounds like a gathering of food booths, some run by professionals, others by amateurs/hobbyists.

(Note*1) ref (from
"Once you’ve been selected to participate at the market, you are required to sign a vendor agreement and pay a vendor fee. This fee will entail you to a booth and for the chance to showcase your culinary talent."

2013 Aug 22
Points well taken, Fresh Foodie

2013 Aug 22
Agree with FF.

Also, isn't the point of attending an underground dinner party... well, exactly that? Being underground? Not being a marketing event (entirely, at least)?

2013 Aug 22
"Underground" is a bit of a BS word really. It has traditionally been used to refer to musicians who have not yet made it big - nothing more, nothing less. So its use here is really not the least bit out of place.

2013 Aug 22
Anyone know anyone who's attended one of these in TO or the States?

2013 Aug 22
Hi Fresh Foodie...Thank you for addressing your concerns....

1-Vendor fee is 150$ and this guarantees you the chance to participate/sell in the market and have a booth
2-Timeframe of the event will be on a saturday night or friday night depending on the availability of the banquet hall...Date has not been confirmed because we are still gathering vendors...Vendors who will attend will have to prep during the day and sell between 5pm and 11pm.
3-As for the 'underground', it is named this way because it's a market to showcase 'Underground' culinary talent. It is completely legal and supervised by the ottawa health and safety department and is run under a registered business, Privé. There is nothing underground about this market but the hidden culinary talent of some chefs and home cooks which the public haven't yet tasted their food. And this also falls under a marketing event because it's whole purpose is to showcase these inventive chefs and this market is open to the it is not a secret dinner type thing!

This market has been going on for a few years in Toronto with great success and we thought we should bring it to Ottawa because we sure have great chefs and tasty food. This is the website for the underground market in Toronto

For more questions please contact me at

2013 Aug 23
Ok great, that's clear!

Underground or contraband food themed events bring up memories of private dinner parties serving illegal, banned, hard to find or otherwise controversial foods/consumables. Not that I'd know anything about that...


2013 Aug 23
I like the idea of "illegal, banned, hard to find or otherwise controversial foods/consumables"...

I would finally have an excuse to showcase my Condor Egg and Chinchilla omelet.

2013 Aug 23
Thanks for the clarification.

I have several friends who are regulars at the Toronto event and they rave about the food and experience.

2013 Aug 23
Our main goal with this event is to expose our city's tasty food and 'underground' chefs! We need everyone's support to make this happen here in Ottawa!

2013 Aug 23
I want a "Condor Egg and Chinchilla omelet"!

I'll pay extra if it's served in a baby seal skull.

...also, thanks for the clarification PFT. I'll look forward to the first event.

2013 Aug 23
Sounds like it could be a lot of fun! Good stuff!