Black Fungus [Cooking]

2013 Jul 12
Has anyone ever used Black Fungus? Looking for some guidance and maybe recipe ideas

2013 Jul 12
My mom does something for my vegetarian sister.

Soak to rehydrate the black fungus. Juillienne ro thin strips.

You can buy tofu strips packs from chinese grocery store. stirfry both togethet with a little soya sauce and bullshead bbq sauce or satay sauce made with fish and chilli.

2013 Jul 12
I've used these "tree ears" for years... as an addition to noodle dishes. If you soak them and then slice them into julienne strips, they snuggle up against noodles really well and add both texture and a nice umami flavour without much effort. Ahahaha... just read FoodTravel's recommendation and I'm glad she agrees: soak and julienne.

They're also pretty much required in spring roll fillings!

2013 Jul 13
I use them when I make Chinese style hot and sour soup at home (they are almost always in restaurant versions).

2013 Jul 15
I may try something this week. Although with this hot weather, it will probably BBQ all week.

2013 Jul 18
Mu shu.

Make your own pancakes, too. MMMMMM

2013 Jul 18
I like it this way, in a stir fry with chicken served over steamed rice.

2013 Jul 22
that recipe looks awesome ricelover!

I do a thing at work with coworkers where, once a week, we each take a turn and bring something in to feed the group (around 7 people). All the members are from China/Vietnam/Philipines, I'm the only one born in Canada. I want to make an Asian inspired French Canadian dish. I'm trying to figure out an interesting Asian twist on shepard's pie.. I may try incorporating some black fungus into the meat layer along with other Asian flavours. just not sure what to do with the corn and potato layer yet...

2013 Jul 22
Instead of worcester sauce, put in some soya sauce (plus sesame oil?) lol.
Maybe some mushrooms both shitake and regular mushroom with the black fungus in the meat layer? green onion instead of regular onion?

instead of potatoes, some options might be cauliflower or those long white radish?

2013 Jul 22
Yeah, i'm thinking Oyster sauce/hoisin/chilies with ground beef and black fungus. still pondering the corn and potato layer.