Dinner recommendation for a difficult group? [General]

2013 Jun 17
My in-laws are coming to town next weekend and we usually go out to dinner at some point. The issue is finding a place that suits all of us.

Two dedicated carnivores, one vegan, and one who HATES anything even remotely spicy (including black pepper) or with a lot of sodium (read: any salt).

Uh...any suggestions?
We'd host at our apartment, but we don't even have a table to eat at or the space to set one up, so it wouldn't really work. We have eaten at places like the Works (eh) and Mongolian Village (double eh), but I've been hard-pressed to think of something else.

2013 Jun 18
Poco Pazzo in Stittsville might be a good choice. They have meat for the carnivores, non-meat for the vegan and Italian food can be spiced up or down.

I love eating there. The food is always excellent.

2013 Jun 18
collisionofnova If you have carnivores and vegans in the mix I usually recommend Indian food since Indian restos tend to have dishes that will please everyone. It might not help the person in your group who hates spices but maybe they would like butter chicken? Or they could ask the chef to make something as non-spicy as possible?

Zen Kitchen is a perennial favourite even the die-hard carnivore would like it.

As for the suggestion of Italian food you might want to call the resto first. The menus at Italian restos I've been to tend to be meat heavy except the pasta dishes. Even at that the chef "might" use eggs to make their noodles so the vegan in your group would not be able to eat it.

2013 Jun 18
What area of Ottawa, price range are you looking at and is it only weekend or a Monday or Friday too?

Indian might not help if you have a non-spicer in the group since the air is full of the spices too.

If Friday lunch, maybe Play?

If Monday evening, Allium tapas night might work.

Casual Sat lunch that should have something for vegan, try Hintonburg kitchen since they often have something that is vegan or can be made vegan.

Zen kitchen while nice did not fly with my brother in law since he was a dedicated carnivore.

Sunday brunch at a nice place is also an option. A lot of the nice restaurants in Ottawa have brunch entrees around the teens and you can check out their menus for stuff suitable for vegans. Gezellig, Frasier café, benny's bistro or Chateau Laurier buffet brunch are some I would checkout for bunch. I know when we did a brunch for mothers day a while back, my sister who was a vegetarian found food but it had eggs in it and not sure if had anything for vegans.

If evenings Petit Bills would either have something on menu or could arrange to make something.

2013 Jun 18
I would bet on Fraser Cafe, but would call ahead even so.
Other possibilities might be Oz Kafe, Sunday brunch at the Chateau Laurier, and takeout from three different places.

2013 Jun 18
I've had success with KS on the Keysand their diverse menu. Nothing really stands out here but I quite enjoy their pizza and there is lots on the menu to choose from. Picky eaters always seem to find something they can eat when I've brought them here.

2013 Jun 18
Thanks everyone! These are places I wouldn't have considered.

The price range is somewhere between Subway and Champale (kidding). No more than $25-30 per person, drinks included? This will likely be a Saturday or Sunday affair.

2013 Jun 18
For that price point, I would recommend Sunday Brunch at a nice place for the main event.

Some of the restaurants listed would be at higher price points for dinner. Some would have main course around 20-30$.

You can also try El Camino, Matthew Carmicheal's new taco restaurant. Tacos are $4 each and some small plates around $8/9 or $15 each. A few tacos each and some small plates to share perhaps? Beers are reasonable but cocktails / wine can add up if you have heavier drinkers in the group. Might be a bit light for the vegan since the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is the papaya salad. Also not sure the vegetarian taco with eggplant have egg or not in the batter.

Only spicy item in the tacos are the Jalapeno peppers but you can pick them out.