Orleans Suggestions [General]

2013 Jun 16
I've recently moved out to Orleans and was wondering what places are good - delivery, take out, fast food places and restaurants.

Any suggestions - thanks.

2013 Jun 16

2013 Jun 16
Thank you!

2013 Jun 16
I live in centre west Ottawa but have visited Cuisine et Passion from time to time. They do a lunch everyday along with prepared meals and there are a lot of interesting items in the store part of their shop. Their food is of very high quality and very tasty. It's a great place to start your culinary journey.

2013 Jun 16

2013 Jun 17
Little Turkish Village. We drive from Kanata to Orleans at least once a month to eat there.

2013 Jun 17
St. Marthe's
I prefer Pearl of India to Rangoli
King Shawarma at Fallingbrook is my favourite in the city

2013 Jun 17
I second St. Marthe's!
Also Yalla Yalla on Trim Rd by the Sobey's is good for shawarma's.
T'Basil on St. Josephs Blvd is decent Thai food.
Unfortunately Orleans is mostly chains and fast food, but there are some hidden gems if you look hard enough :-)

2013 Jun 17
I can second pretty much all of what has been said above...although our house is squarely in the Rangoli Indian Cuisine camp.

Little Turkish Village and T'Basil are great for take-out. For shawarma, I've always preferred Cedar Valley though I have to confess that I have not yet tried Yalla Yalla.

Fritomania has wonderful poutine and fries.

I have had some good food at St. Martha's Brasserie d'Orleans and I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for that place since my wife's water broke in their washroom when she was pregnant with our second child. I have heard that service can be slow but it only happened to me during my first visit.

Lavergne Western Beef is out in Navan. I haven't bought much from them but their chorizo is better than what you'll find elsewhere in Orleans.

Cheddar Et Cetera carry a number of specialty items, including pasta from Parma Ravioli. They have a plastic cow on their roof, at least until 2014.

Orleans is also blessed with some great bakeries. Patisserie Delice Royal has amazing almond croissants (among other things), and Top of the Hill Bakery has excellent desserts.

2013 Jun 19
Absolutely nothing! Moved to Orleans 2 years ago from the States and rarely eat here. Too many chains is right.

2013 Jun 20
Orleans is mostly chains and you have to look for the interesting places.

Sometimes I go East into Orleans but only very occasionally.

Cuisine and Passion has decent takeout food but their menu is weekly with the exception of lunch daily special. sometimes I go to Wellington for my takeout if I am driving past on 417.

I have shopped at Patisseries Delice Royal for a sugar free cake and have some baked goods and Macaroons there. Macaroons are not baked by them but come from Montreal. All were very decent although the time I bought the baguette there a couple of years back, it was not as crunchy as I liked so have not purchased it again there.

Lavergne is a butcher someone says they come to from further away in Ottawa.

This is a chain and not a restaurant but the Farm Boy has some decent stuff for takeout with their Trio or salad bar (some hot stuff during certain times of the day), likely for $10 or less. Last time I had some grilled steak strips, shrimp and grilled veggies for takeout. I can see that they are trying to copy Whole Foods with the patisserie counter and the new salad bar with hot stuff at dinner time.

Been trying to hit the Friday Orleans Market but have not made it yet.