Pickled day lilies with chili [General]

2013 May 29
I bought this fun thing at T&T this week and have no idea how to use it. It says "Pickled day lily and vegetables". Main ingredients: day lily, pickled vegetables, turnip, cowpea, edible vegetable oil (!), salt, chilli, sugar, spice.

I was thinking of warming them up and eating this with noodles? Maybe a scrambled egg and some chives? Any other ideas?

2013 Jun 4
If they are what I think they are, you can eat them as is (no need to warm up) like a condiment (e.g. pickled Chinese veggies, kimchee). Add as a 'side' to noodles, rice, etc.

If you incorporate in cooking, I think it will work as well.

Thoughts ... include in Asian-style sandwich (like banh minh), include in congee (rice porridge), use in stir-frys.