mason jars [General]

2013 May 21
anyone interested in some free mason jars? We have a surplus at work (the French Baker) and I can put aside some if anyone would like to arrange to pick some up.

2013 May 21
Yes Please!

I work across the street (kinda), and I'd love to stop by. When is good?

2013 May 22
weekdays between 9 and 2 is good but if you need to come after that just give me your name and tell me how many you would like and I will put them up front.

They are the jars that the Moss jams come in, so if you are using them for canning you wouldn't reuse the lids you would need new ones, so let me know if you need the lids or not.

If you are in between 9 and 2 just ask for me (Teri)

2013 May 23
Teri, what size are the jars? 250 ml?

2013 May 23
They hold about a litre of liquid.

2013 May 24
Have you got any left? I'd like 4 with lids if you do. Unfortunately I work in the west end, so I could only pick up on the weekend.

2013 May 28
I don't work weekends but if you let me know when you will be in I can leave a box at the front for you.....also just to clarify, this would be the murray st location.

2013 May 29

If you have some left still I would be interested.

Thanks in advance.

2013 Jun 1
Hi FoodTravel.
Did not see your message til after I had left work for the weekend. If you like I will leave you some next weekend. How many would you like?

2013 Jun 1

Next week is fine and I will be running errands over town on Wed. so could pick it up during the week too.

If you have 4 or 6 mason jars to spare, that would be great. Going to try and make some stuff for my parent's fridge since my mom is still recovering and my dad is not used to cooking salt free or low salt/low fat/low sugar yet.

2013 Jun 28

Thanks for the mason jars.