2013 Food Truck/Cart -Where and How was the food. [General]

2013 May 18
Starting this thread to find out how and where the new and old food trucks/carts are faring. Heard the Spark Street Food Truck Rally was postponed till September which is really the pits. I've checked the City of Ottawa for the locations of the new trucks/carts.. see link.


I want to try the asian trucks/carts and the Dosa truck.

So has anyone tried out the new food trucks/carts yet? And what about old established favourites.

If you do comment, please also mention the state of cleanliness.

2013 Jul 7
Went by Art-Is-In to pick up a quiche and my husband was curious to check out Bonitas Cantina so we tried 2 tacos each, two cod, one chicken and one pork that came to $15.80 with tax.

Con #1: First time I've ever seen "street food" priced without taxes in. And at Corazon de Mais the tacos are 3 for $7 and of the same size but with better garnishes.

Con #2: Food made and served without any love whatsoever. No passion or joy here and no service to speak of whatsoever. Which perhaps explains...

Con #3: The most bland, insipid Mexican food I've ever had full stop. While the cod taco (all on soft corn tortillas) were passable, the chicken was shredded in some sort of tasteless tomato sauce with no seasoning at all, ditto for the pork. My chicken taco ended up in the garbage minus one bite, my husband did the guy thing and ate about half his pork taco until I agreed that we'd find something else to eat elsewhere.

Having eaten nothing but street food in Mexico for 6 months I can say without reservation that there is nothing even slightly authentic about this truck as the sign says.

2014 Jan 26
I made a second visit to Flapjacks a week or so ago, and had the same "Panwich" as ChrisB. I loved it. The egg yoke was runny when you cut into it and the flavours mixed perfectly, even the cheese slices. I agree with ChrisB about processed cheese and breakfast food. Very satisfying.

Their Facebook today had a post with a "Big Joe" with "2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 cheddar slices, 3 buttermilk pancakes". My stomach growled like crazy!