Who's Grilling What? [Cooking]

2013 Apr 27
Spring has sprung and I couldn't be happier. Citrus, cilantro chicken, Memphis dry rub pork tenderloin, grilled veggies and a side of rice. Tomato bocconcini as an amuse bouche. Plus a bottle of red and bottle of white. Now that's what I call a good Saturday night with the family.

2013 Apr 27
Husband decided to become a vegetarian after 34 years of marriage! Urgently need ideas for the grill this summer. My staples of grilled meats and fish won't do!

2013 Apr 27
My sister became a vegetarian too.

Could grill corn, peppers, veggie kebabs, portabello mushroom and veggie burgers. It could be sides for others too.

2013 Apr 27
Grilled watermelon. Just make sure the grill is impeccably clean first. Also grilled peaches.

2013 Apr 27
D .... Nice grill marks !

2013 Apr 28
I followed your lead last night with a bottle of red and a bottle of white, but my grill marks weren't even close to what I wanted.

2013 Apr 28
Sometimes I don't get the grill marks I wanted either.

Here is one of my attempts.


The result I'm aiming for is a diamond pattern and not a cross-hatch (square) pattern.

Looks like I need more practice .... and that's what I'm gonna do today !

2013 Apr 28
Last night I cooked a beef brisket and some veal shanks.

2013 Apr 28
Out with All Things BBQ in with Who's Grilling What:)
Medium ground with minced garlic ,onion, jalapeno. Seasoned with some alder salt and a touch of black pepper. Later topped with mac&cheese mustard, ketchup, salsa verde then slipped into a pita.

2013 Apr 28
Chicken Kabobs with halloumi or paneer cheese, zucchini, and grilled pineapple with brown sugar cinnamon rum sauce for dessert.

2013 Apr 29
No picture, because it was a few weeks ago, but I grilled a whole arctic char on my Big Steel Keg.

I salted and peppered the cavity, stuffed it with lemon, dill, and shallots, and then tied the whole thing shut. Grilled it over direct heat (450 degrees or so) for about 10 minutes a side.

And then I grilled some lemon halves for good measure.

It was awesome. Sure, the fish cost like fifty bucks, but I spend that much on steaks for the grill too ;)

2013 Apr 29
No pics, but a quick grill of chicken breasts, rubbed down with some garlic, lemon, pepper, and the salty don's smoked salt (will be making my own someday). Also grilled up some yellow peppers splashed with olive oil and balsamic.

Next week back to the smoker me thinks.

2013 Apr 30
had 2 sirloin steaks tonight about 7-8 oz each from aljazeera...$5.88 they were delicious and super cheap!!! was my first time in there, will definitely be going back

2013 Apr 30
Aljazeera ... $14.00/kg steaks ... local beef ... animal was not subject to a feed lot .... and had a (hopefully)quick halal slaughter.

I'm IN !

... and while at the Aljazeera .... some couscous ... Iranian raisins ... middle eastern pistachios ... dates ... etc.

2013 Apr 30
11.99/kg actually...he was cutting up a bunch of sirloins when i went in...just got him to cut me off 2 nice steaks

2013 Apr 30
$11.99/kg .... even better ! Sirloins ta-boot. Wow.

2013 Apr 30
Not exactly grilling but I've got two turkey legs and a piece of beef brisket in the Bradley, should be ready in an hour.

2013 May 1
Smoker guy, close the door - you are loosing all your heat!

2013 May 2
Hey sourdough just gives me more time for another cool and refreshing krusty brand ale. The only brew to sip on while smoking.

2013 May 5
Chicken and veggies over oak. Think oak is going to be this summers wood yummm!

2013 May 5
Steak on my Big Green Egg for breakfast this morning and yesterday - yum!

2013 May 8
Zym: Not using a Grohmann knife? Traitor ;)

2013 May 9
I don't have any Grohmann steak knives, unfortunately. Plenty of kitchen knives though - paring and butcher knives.

2013 May 12
Turkey legs and potatoes.

2013 May 14
Lamb burgers (minced lamb, feta, mint, dijon, s/p, win!), grilled zuchini and grilled pears. The bbq season has begun, and it is goooooood.

2013 May 15
How much win do you use? Maybe I haven't been using enough.

2013 May 18
Shish taouk

2013 May 18
Had a couple of strip loins on the kamado yesterday and a nice cold left over one for breakfast this morning!

2013 May 18
8lbs rubbed refrigerated overnight smoked for three and low and slow for another nine ready for pullin. Sure looks different in direct sunlight.

2013 May 18
Some baby back ribs, smoked for 2 hours then low and slow for another 4 over charcoal with apple chunks.

2013 May 27
Italian meatballs over hickory.

2013 May 28
Chicken breasts with a basic dry rub and killer sweet potatoes. I hated sweet potatoes until I made these. Little veg oil and lots of salt and pepper. Pulled them off a little early and let them steam a bit while the chicken rested. Grilling makes everything taste better!!

2013 Jun 1
Backyard grilling on a summer Saturday night makes me happy. Rib eyes that taste like candy (salt, pepper, garlic and onion) and mushrooms that put you on cloud nine (butter & garlic). Shrimps just for one of my little buddies. Spinach salad on the table. Ice cold martinis for the chef. Yummy. Cheers to a great weekend Foodies!

2013 Jun 2
Used the wet jerk rub my buddy brought back from Barbados. Marinated four hours. Decent flavor. Hickory for smoke over char coal.

2013 Jun 8
Fridge died today. Living out of coolers for the next couple days and here's the first things we grilled up. In the tin foil is a yummy lemon dill potatoe packet. Rib eyes were like candy as usual. Garlic and butter in the mushroom caps while lemon zest made an appearance on the asparagus. Paired with 2011 Perez Cruz Cab Sauv. Cloud 9.

2013 Jul 10
Not exactly grilling but...

Homemade bacon and cured pork loin (Canadian bacon) Delicious!

2013 Jul 12
Roasted some chickens on the Weber Performer tonight. Soooo good.

2013 Jul 21
Seed To Sausage Chorizo over hickory. When you hear that snap cutting into them you know it is going to be good.

2013 Jul 22
And then I said, let there be ribs...

2013 Jul 22
Stuart ? ... Curious ... What's in the container to the left ?

2013 Jul 22
Lol, Krusty asked me the exact same thing when he came to my house yesterday lol...

The small container is just water. The plate it's sitting on keeps the charcoal and smoke segregated and fully indirect and the water pan is just to create a thermal break over the main opening. That kettle stays at 225 for 6 hours with less than a full chimney of briquettes using that thing. Some people use apple juice and stuff in there, when I'm feeling fancy I toss some apple chips in it.

2013 Jul 27
Jalapenos stuffed with Boursin shallot and chive and two year old white cheddar with some walnuts for texture. Wrapped in bacon smoked over hickory. Quick tip the corn at Wal-Mart is not worth the 25 cents. Ick it tastes like wood.

2013 Jul 30
Some Calgary hot wings about to take a bath in some Sriracha/Franks/butter. Scroll down on the link. www.bbqu.net

2013 Jul 30
Sounds delicious. Will definitely try it out. I love how they tell you to discard the beer marinade. Mmmm, chicken beer....

2013 Aug 7
Ken V, it was delicious. I used thighs however. Have you tried the recipe with less butter or maybe olive oil as a substitute?

2014 Mar 4
After being inspired by the local tri-tip cook-off this dry rubbed hickory smoked tri tip turned out great. A good 10 minute rest then thinly sliced, tender and juicy. The tri tips here are giant.

2014 Mar 4
Smoked Andouille's.

2014 Mar 5
I'd love to know where you're getting the tri-tips please...

2014 Jul 31
Time for a bump. Meatloaf smoked over JD oak barrel stuffed with fresh mozzarella and some scallions, parsley, pecorino and fennel seed mixed in for a twist.

2014 Jul 31
Grilled pizza with olives, bacon, onions and 3 types of cheese.

2015 Apr 25
BBQ season is back. Doing some chickens with the Smokenator 1000. First run with the new toy. Working great so far.

2015 Apr 30
Anyone hit the Seed to Sausage dry-aged sirloin or rib eye yet? Spotted them in the shop the other day ... curious if they taste as good as they look.

2015 Apr 30
I don't know, OSM, but I'd bet money on their goodness.

I started my grilling season off last night with some burgers my dw made, and topped mine with years old cheddar, grilled onions, dill pickles, tomato and some really delicious local sauce, "Bengal Burn" from Meow! That's Hot.

2015 Apr 30
For some reason the name 'Bengal Burn' caused a foodie version of the 'Sex Panther' scene in Anchorman to play out in my head and now i can't explain to anyone here why i was laughing so hard.

2015 Apr 30
It's made with real pieces of Bengal tiger! Oh! It stings the eyes!

2015 Apr 30
And I swear there was noooo cat pee in it, just sweet fruit and a burning desire.
You guys are killing me!
Carry on...

2015 May 3
Cheeseburger for lunch. Chicken tandoor for dinner.

2015 May 3
I had a seed to sausage dry aged striploin a couple weeks ago.....it was amazing! price was good too

2015 May 4
D's post upthread prompted me to try stuffed mushroom caps on the grill... monster criminies stuffed w a black garlic, cream cheese, marmelade, chopped shroom stems mix... put on the high rack while the grill heated up, finished on the low grill for a few minutes at the end, and YUM.

The lamb chops from Farm Boy were all good too.

2015 May 24
We grilled up some kebabs that we bought at Loblaws. We got chicken, chicken with bacon, and chicken with halloumi. All were very good but the cheese kebab was the stand out. $3.99 a pop.

2015 May 24
Lamb shoulder chops from Your Corner Butcher. Very nice.