Gardening 2013 [General]

2013 Apr 8
Spring has sprung, the garlic's riz, I wonder where the sunshine is.

I've been looking for the garlic's rise since I received my copy of the spring issue of The Garlic News last week and finally the first few tips have appeared - the pic is of some Music garlic; the 3 other varieties I grow yearly haven't appeared yet. The Music is new to me, seems to be popular with consumers but I get the impression that some garlic growers aren't so enthused. Great name for garlic though.
The fellow who puts out The Garlic News is Paul Pospisil, and he is a fount of knowledge on garlic and such a friendly guy. I think he started the Perth Garlic festival and has been involved with other startups locally too. He grows garlic in Maberly and conducts small plot variety trials there (and sells bulbs, bulbils and more). Still going strong at 75 years old. See

Looking around this morning I see some cold red sorrel leaves working their way up (they'll turn green as it warms), some green onions and chives, some spinach and thyme that are springing to life, and some tender green sage leaves.

What's springing to life in your garden, Ottawa Foodies?

2013 Jun 6
Don't know much about gardening but with my mom recovering from heart attack I have been lending my untrained arms to get things done.

I have :
1. added mushroom compost, peat moss and vermiculite to her gardens and square foot garden boxes.
2. planted cranberry beans and pole beans
3. planted a square foot garden box with red swiss chard, rainbow swiss chard, beats, kale and carrots
4. Planted most of the tomatoes, killing about 3 plants in the process.

Things still to be done when the rain lets up:
5. Plant the peppers 3 different types
6. A few long spindly tomatoes are going into the hanging upside down planter.
7. seed the lettuces, rapini, Mesclun mix, etc.

Snow peas are flowering and honeyberries are bearing their first fruits.