Finger Limes [Food/Vendor]

2013 Feb 17
I saw these odd things at the Produce Depot on

Dark brown skin, about the size of a finger. Split them open and they spill out "lime caviar," which in the case of the ones I got was chartreuse. Other colours exist as well, and the colour of the skin varies, too. Mine looked and felt like they were totally dried out, but they were actually perfectly fine inside.

When you bite into the caviar, you get a nice bursting sensation like caviar--the juice inside is tart, slightly bitter, and has a sort of herbal/grassy note. These things have "fancy garnish" written all over them. I like the idea of having them on oysters (see picture on web site). Would be nice on smoked salmon, too.

They are pricey (I think $30 a pound), but you would not use a lot. A bigger issue is that I could not find an efficient way to get the caviar out of them--made a bunch of slits along the sides and ended up with them stuck all over my fingers.

Anyone used these before?

2013 Feb 20
At one point I remember having one from the Byward Fruit Market.
I've used them as part of a garnish on a lemon or lime (can't remember which) cheesecake. Also as a garnish on a sorbet.

2013 Feb 21
I just bought some from the Produce Depot on Carling and plan to use them as a garnish on Whalesbone cold smoked Arctic char and oysters. They are definitely citrus-y and I don't suggest using them in place of lime when drinking a shot of tequila.

2013 Feb 21
I've never seen these before. Nice vesicles! :) Very cool. Nature's ready-made molecular gastronomy.

2013 Feb 21
The vesicles are very, very snappy!