CSA Vegetable baskets [Food/Vendor]

2013 Feb 11
Its that time of year again where all the farms offering CSA vegetable baskets are looking for Subscribers! In case you have never heard of CSA its like a subscription for fresh food. All farms have different plans and prices. Mine has a prices ranging from 198 for the season for one person to 630 for a family of four.PLus this year we have a "work for your supper" if you want to lend a hand in the garden in exchange for your vegggies

2013 Feb 11
Can you please confirm where the pick-up location os for your baskets?

Also, are you familiar with any delivery options from any farms?

Thank you for any additional info you can provide!

2013 Feb 11
I'm interested in going CSA veggies this year.

Has anyone done a summary of the local CSA's ? Prices ? Drop off spots ? Details ?

2013 Feb 11
A number of the CSA farms that have been around for a while have multiple drop off points. Some have pickup points at the Ottawa Farmers Market
Some only have pickup at their farm.
My farm has delivery options to the village of Richmond (south of Stittsville) and pickup at the farm. Pick up at the farm enables subscribers to pick up extras such as eggs, meat chickens and my farm also makes handmade herbal soaps. Each CSA is different

2013 Feb 11
Saffire Farms has a drop off spot in my driveway beside the parkdale market. Will probably be Thursday night again this year like it has been for the last number of years, but I do not know for sure since I have not heard from them yet. They may even decide not to drop off there this year but I doubt it.

2013 Feb 11
Roots and Shoots has pickups around the city.