Good restaurant in Montreal. [Travel]

2007 Sep 13
I'm looking for a good Quebecois restaurant in Montreal for a business lunch. My guests are foreigners. They'd like to try something of real tipical. One of my favourite restaurants is Au pied de cochon but, unfortunately it's open from 5 p.m. to midnight. Can any Montrealer help me!!??

2007 Sep 13
oh i love montreal. i really love montreal food! my favourite brunch is byblos, i dream of my next visit there.

i have always had a good meal at l'express (st. denis & duluth). not sure about their lunch hours.

you should check chowhound website for montreal, there are a lot of good suggestions there. i also use this restaurant guide (broken down into food types):

good luck and please report back if you find any gems.

2007 Sep 13
"Real Typical"? Go to Schwartz's smoke meat shop!

2007 Sep 13
I concur with Zymurgist. Schwartz's will be a bit hit. Or the Coco Rico nearby!

2007 Sep 13
I haven't been to Schwartz's myself but friends who love it have terrible tales of waiting in line for half an hour just to place a take-out order. It's an experience, to be sure, but not for the impatient!

Rumour has it that, while Schwartz's is the most popular source of smoke meat in Montreal, it isn't necessarily the best. Promising things have been said about Smoked Meat Pete's (check out the discussion here - The other bonus is that Smoked Meat Pete's is a little closer to Ottawa, being on Īle Perrot, just after Rte 20 leaves the island of Montreal.

So the big question is, has anyone here tried both Schwartz's and Smoked Meat Pete's?

2007 Sep 13
I haven't tried SMP, but I can attest to the fact that Schwartz's is FABULOUS and the best smoked meat I've tried of many places.

2007 Sep 14
Montreal... food heaven...
Business lunch - I'd recommend Le Club Chasse et Peche. It's certainly an establishment in Montreal. Great food too!!


2007 Sep 17
I can't order smoked meat in Ottawa after trying Schwartz's. It really is that good and that different from what masquerades as the stuff around here. I lined up for about 10 minutes and it was worth the wait. But be careful when you line up, because one line is for seating and one for take-out. I stood in the seating line for about 5 minutes before I decided to ask for help. But I've also heard that the place across the street with no lineup is just as good.

Just got back from Montreal this weekend, and though not the type of restaurant being asked for here, had a great Polish lunch at the Eurodeli on St. Viateur. Eating in Montreal and then coming back to Ottawa is quite the letdown. I don't like to speak ill of my city but you get almost as much variety and quality in a four block strip in Montreal than you do in the entire city of Ottawa. ;)

2007 Sep 19
Travel to eat.......thanks for your suggestion but Le club chasse et peche is closed on saturdays.
Too bad, this restaurant should be outstanding.
Even Ferreira cafe, one of my favourite, doesn't work on saturday for lunch.
Any suggestions!!???

2007 Sep 19
have you turned down all of our suggestions? l'express has lunch on saturdays.

2007 Sep 19
If you want typical Montrealer, go to La Brūlerie St-Denis (several locations) or Les Deux Marie (St-Denis and Marianne) for a sandwich and a salad.

2007 Sep 19
1) Au Petit Extra - 1690 Ontario E. Papineau, Tel.: (514) 527-5552
2) Au Pied de Cochon - 536, rue Duluth est, Tel.: (514) 281-1114
3) L'express - 3927 rue St. Denis, Tel.: (514) 845-5553 (difficult to spot because the sign is on the sidewalk)

2007 Oct 1
At the end I chose Le Montrealais for my business lunch:

Sincerely I came back really disappointed(Montreal has better restaurants!). The interior design is elegant and cosy but, this restaurant has no identity even if in their website you can read " featuring sunny Mediterranean cuisine, succulent grilled meats, fresh fish and luscious desserts in a lively bistro ambiance."
Basically their menu is a short list of Caesar salads, beef steaks, lamb chops and fries. Very short wine list. No comment on the service: for the first time in my life a waiter tried to serve in my table a bottle of San Pellegrino mineral water in a glass of beer full till the rim of ice and with a slice of lemon! We sent back these glasses!
At least my business meeting was positive so, I have already forgotten that place.
Montreal is still my favourite city for restaurants: last sunday I was at Au pied de Cochon and I had a deliciuos dinner. Wonderful place and great service here! I had a tasty trio of local pork meat and foi gras. My Pinot Noir 2001 from Bourgundy was really good. heaven!!!