molecular gastronomy [Science]

2012 Dec 14
Has anyone played around with the molecular gastronomy craze? You know, making foams and other sorts of things.

I just ordered a really nice cream whipper/dispenser, but it comes with a couple of extra attachments and additives (pre-measured packets of Xanthan Gum, Agar Agar and cold soluble gelatin) to make these interesting types of 'foods'.

I'm just interested to know if anyone around here has already played around with this kind of thing. It can be used to make mouses, warm foams, all kinds of different things. Drinks.

I got this one because I'm thinking of selling my vanilla extracts at the Ottawa Ice Cream Festival this year and thought it would be a fun idea to have some vanilla whipped cream to put on top of ice cream for a treat, or just as a sampling device.

Here is a link to last year's festival page:

2012 Dec 14
I was at Paradis yesterday and there are a number of molecular gastronomy gift sets on offer, for both drinks/cocktails and food. I think one of them may find their way into my Christmas stocking.

2012 Dec 14
I think this may count. Emulsified garlic and oil AKA garlic sauce. My old food processor was sure getting hot by the end of this.

2012 Dec 14
I have a kit similar to this one from ThinkGeek:

Haven't used it yet.

Probably should. I'd love to make me some spheres.

2012 Dec 14
i've been playing with this on and off for about 2 years - it's entertaining, this these are balsamic caviar balls i made, i bought mine as well for molecule R

2012 Dec 15
... and for further inspiration see :


2012 Dec 15
i agree 100% captain caper - we go Atelier once a year.....if you want to see the perfect blend of science and food - you have to eat there.

2012 Dec 15
I just found out this afternoon that Marc Lepine (Atelier) also has a website that sells the necessary ingredients to make this type of food possible.

Much cheaper than some of the other suppliers I've seen ... and LOCAL!

2012 Dec 21
Regarding Marc Lepine's molecular storefront, for those of us in Ottawa, you can order via e-mail and pick up the supplies directly at the shop. Very convenient. They can also get their hands on a few things not on the website, for example I got some Iota Carrageenan which wasn't listed. Good prices, great service. Haven't been back because I haven't run out of anything yet, but I know eventually I will.

Regarding the Molecule-R kits which are available online (including Thinkgeek), you'll find the sets at CA Paradis as well as the individual ingredients. One neat thing I saw was the Cocktail R-evolution kit which is three recipes based on mojitos. Haven't seen that kit much online. Looks like it includes the by-now nearly classic spherified mojito except that the method is simplified; no more gellification in an alginate bath before carbonating in a siphon, now the whole mixture including soda water is molded and frozen before cooking in the alginate bath. I figure that makes getting the sphere shape much easier and eliminates the issue of losing spheres when carbonating them in the siphon and handling them after.

Overall I'm quite glad to see these products @ CA Paradis, I think the prices are quite close to online but you don't need to pay shipping.

2012 Dec 21
Very cool stuff... nice to hear about the store by Marc Lepine.

Soon as I run out of a few things i'll be heading that way.

2012 Dec 27
So what is he email address to order from Marc Lepine's storefront?