Home Made Hot Sauce [General]

2012 Jul 21
So, here's another little experiment of mine!

7 habanero peppers
8 jalapeno peppers
8 cayenne peppers
2 hot italian roaster peppers
1/2 green bell pepper
1/2 red onion
3 cloves garlic
1 carrot (or in my case, a handful of petite un growing stupid carrots from the garden)
1-2 tbsp whey

dice super small and mix well... add whey and mix again

cover with brine (2tbsp salt to 2 cups water) in air tight container and let ferment for 30-60 days

white stuff that may grow on top is yeast, remove it asap as it will mess with the flavor. (not harmful, just not tasty) Keep the lid on, and keep it in a cool dark place.

Just started it today. should be tasty in a couple months

After its done, bring all contents to a boil, boil for 15 min. Blend it til smooth, then bring back to a boil and reduce to desired consistency. then blend again! can from there!

2012 Jul 21
So you've never tried this?

I've tried to spontaneously ferment peppers before and I can assure you they simply rot in a bucket.

Not sure what kind of why you are going to use and where you are getting it - I guess that could make all the difference. I've often though of retrying my experiment with the brine from my fermented dill pickles.

2012 Jul 21
Im actually using the whey from the yoghurt cheese im making... took that on a recommendation from here: thehotpepper.com

take a look and try again.... maybe it wasn't rot, it may have just been yeast?

2012 Jul 21
No trust me ... I've fermented a LOT of things in the last couple of decades ... it was definitely NOT fermenting and was rotting

But yoghurt whey may make the difference

2012 Jul 21
Im looking forward to finding out! Tell ya what zym, if it works out (in 60 days) i'll make sure you get some :) I looked at it just now, and i can already see a few bubbles formed in and around the diced veg.... here's hoping!

2012 Jul 21
I'm very interested too ... if it works I'm going to retry my experiment but with pickle juice instead of whey

2012 Jul 21
here's a pic to pique your interest :)

2012 Jul 29
Peppers are bubbling away very nicely... I have to say, I'm rather excited! I actually had to release some of the pressure from the two bottles... and the smell was amazing! I cant wait to try it... don't know If ill be able to wait the full 60 days. as for mould or yeast build up, I've had none so far, though I do shake it around whenever I think about it... usually about every 2-3 days...

Maybe the secret is yoghurt whey... what have I stumbled upon? :)

Buying myself the volcano in a box www.pepperjoe.com
to start next year early for some INSANE hot sauce... he he he