hillbilly chicken [General]

2012 May 22
Ok I think I have a really off the wall thread idea today. I'm sitting on my deck right now watching three big squirrells in the trees out back. Now like all foodies I'm looking at them and thinking fried or grilled. Any ideas? One of the few meats I haven't tried yet. Found lots of recipes online but looking for feedback from people who have tried it.

2012 Sep 4
Hey guys, the squirrels I cooked up this summer were pretty small and really there wasn't much left of them ( note to self ,use a smaller gun next time ) also they were pretty gamey. Caught an episode of Anthony bourdain no reservations last week he was in the Ozarks sampling all kinds of local cuisine. I thought he was going to pass on the squirrel and possum but he dug in like the trooper he is and loved it. I guess there will be another shot ( pardon the pun ) at these critters yet. I will definitely post some pics next time. They looked pretty funny on the grill actually.
Cheers SG