Volunteers needed for Smoked to the Bone [Events]

2012 May 16
Smoked to the Bone is happening May 26. This is a real BBQ competition, run by the Canadian Southern BBQ Association. Want to get involved? Judging is full, but they need all kinds of volunteers. Also there is a people choice award this year, so come for the tasting! There is a 20,000 dollar purse - I think this may be the largest purse in Canada this year, so it should attract the top BBQ talent. Below is an email from the organizer, please contact him if you are interested. I'm happy to say I'll be there judging :)

D&S Southern Comfort BBQ's "Smoked to the Bone" is next Saturday, May 26th.

With over $20,000 in prizes and the new "People's Choice Award" we're expecting to entertain thousands of BBQ fans from all over Eastern Canada.

We would really appreciate having some motivated volunteers to help with the competition. We'll need Table Captains, Runners, Pork Pullers, Ticket Sellers for the PCA and more.

If you are not currently on the STTB judges panel or if you have a friend that would like to get involved pls let me know if you can help!

Email me at: mailto:harley.b@csbbqa.com?subject=STTB volunteer

Breaking news! Ted Reader, the "King of the Q" will be guest appearing Saturday afternoon and of course his new cookbook will be available for purchase/signing.

BTW, this will also be a great chance to meet Alain Vachon from the Ste. Calixte Quebec BBQ Championships and Cindy Wheatley from Bonehead BBQ, Halifax the organizer of the Maritime Meat Camp competition.

Sounds like we're gonna have a party!

2012 May 18
bump this - anyone else going to Smoked to the Bone next weekend?

2012 May 18
I'ld love to but I"m already quadruple booked for that day.

- Stream watch
- Big Brew
- Arts Park
- Help friend build shed

2012 May 18
I`m might drop by for ribs on Saturday. Festibiere on Friday and Montreal`s Caribbean fest on Sunday...weekend should be interesting.

2012 May 21
Also the Great Glebe Garage Sale and Ottawa Race Weekend - between selling all our household crap and running the marathon, I'm completely jammed next weekend.

2012 May 24

Do you know what is the time commitment to volunteer?

Also what is the entrance fee to the fair?

2012 May 24
$8 for general admission, $20 to ride all day.

Anyone know about food offerings in general?

2012 May 24
FoodTravel, I'm guessing the time commitment is Saturday from around 11 - 4. Contact Harley, he'll be able to give you the low down. If you are volunteering I'm pretty sure admission is free - but again contact Harley.

Tree Pug, Smoked to the Bone takes place within the confines of the Glouster Fair. This is my first year there but I'm guessing it is your regular fairground offerings. For Smoked to the Bone there is a peoples choice award. I think the way this works is entrants in the pro/amateur can opt to participate. I'm not sure if only one item or all 4 are available to the public, but there should be some excellent bbq available no matter what.

2012 May 24
I mailed harley but have not received mail back yet.

I knew the all day ride ticket is $20 but if I am volunteering don't want to pay that since not much time to ride and my roller coaster days are a bit behind me lol.. $8 is okay...

2012 May 26
Was in touch with Harley.. Not sure what shift I got exactly so will try to get there around 11 or noon with something else is finished and see what happens.