Pop/Soda Connoisseurs? [General]

2012 May 1
Hey Folks,

Any carbonated beverage fanatics out there? On most occasions I will choose a nice heavily carbonated pop over almost any other beverage, beer included.

My favourites are: Root Beer (in order of my favourite- Stewart’s, IBC, Barques). Dad’s, Mug and A&W are bottom tier root beers imo.
Dr. Pepper
Cream Soda
Black Cherry Cola

I recently had a wonderful Sarsaparilla at a Saloon in Arizona!

Any recommendations on Micro/artisan pops?

For my money, the best pop company -hands down - is Stewarts. Their root beer and black cherry pop are perfect.

I am also a huge fan of a few flavours made by Jones Cola (their cream soda is fantastic), but that blue bubble gum stuff is poison.

I usually make a twice a year trip to Ogdensburg to stock up on about 100$ worth of American pop (ei: sunkist, dr. pepper cherry, vanilla coke, A&W cream soda, IBC rootbeer, Squirt etc.), but my HFCS supply has unfortunately run out.

I guess my question is: do any of you fine people know where one can pick up a case (12+) of stewarts, jones, IBC (or something similar), at a reasonable price?

Also, please share any artisan pops you may know about, and where we can find them.

I'm not a fan of the Pop Shoppe brand, as they are overly syrupy and on the flat side, but any other weird carbonated beverage is up my alley.


May 3
Mexican Coke and Fanta are also pretty great.
A little less sweet, more flavor than NorAm versions.