Best gnocchi in Ottawa...? [General]

2012 Apr 9
Hi there,

Looking for a suggestion for the best place to enjoy gnocchi in Ottawa (hopefully a quiet spot) - searched the forum but couldn't find anything recent.

Liked the one we had at Mezzanotte's a lot but was wondering about other possibilities and what else was out there...



2012 Apr 9
ricotta gnuddi @ town

2012 Apr 9
Run, don't walk to Play Food and Wine for their gnocchi with preserved lemon and brown butter. Is it quiet? Nope, but SO worth it.

I'd also second Town's gnuddi...

2012 Apr 10
I don't think they have gnuddi on the menu anymore (at least, doesn't seem to be on the web site), but also we were looking for the more traditional gnocchi. Perhaps we'll verify Play's menu or head somewhere in Little Italy.



2012 Apr 13
+1 for Play's gnocchi, though I tried a previous iteration (not lemon and brown butter, which sounds incredible).

2012 Apr 14
never had/seen good gnocchi in little italy. few places i have tried just sold pre-made super dense and heavy ones

2012 Apr 15
Not probably what you're thinking of for traditional gnocchi, but Kevin does an amazing Gnocchi Benedict for brunch at Art-is-in. They are very light and delicate and served with poached eggs, hollandaise and fruit. It's an amazing weekend breakfast.

2012 Apr 15
Parma Ravioli on Wellington West. Take out with a small eating area.
Puts a huge dose of awesomesauce in every dish.

2012 Apr 21
Drive out to Constance Bay and try the Gnocchi a la Funghi at La Osteria (but make sure its on the weekly menu before you drive out!) Only offered occasionally. It is delicious but incredibly rich...

2012 Apr 25
Another vote for play's gnocchi wih lemon preserve and brown butter. Amazing

2012 Apr 30
Da Santino on Merivale Road. The gnocchi are handmade at the restaurant.