Cabane Sucre Au Pied de Cochon [Cooking]

2012 Feb 29
An article on Martin Picard's extraordinary new cookbook.

"Cabane Sucre Au Pied de Cochon, as the 386-page volume is called, is devoted to the food, the aesthetic and the bawdy, excess-obsessed ethos behind the maple syrup-soaked sugar shack that Mr. Picard opens in the countryside near Montreal for spring, to coincide with the running of the sap."

And a related piece on his, and others chef's, last meals. An enjoyable read:

2012 Mar 1



I just placed my order. For three-hundredths of a second I considered waiting for the paperback, but ultimately realized that I couldn't wait that long to read a six-page sous vide beaver recipe.

2012 Mar 4
Got my paws on a copy today.
A instant classic.
First Joe Beef now this...great year.

2012 Mar 11
Mine came in the mail on the 6th. It's fantastic.