Authentic Mexican ingredients [Food/Vendor]

2007 Jul 19
I recently moved downtown and am on the hunt for a little "Mercado" where I can purchase ingredients for preparing authentic Mexican cuisine.

I used to shop at Mercado Latino on Montreal Road in Vanier, but without a car, it has now become impractical to travel that far. Does anyone know of a similar venue closer to the downtown core? I now live in the Windsor Arms apartments behind the Museum of Nature and would love to find something that is walking distance.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2007 Jul 19
I miss having Chilly Chiles on Sussex, but you can get quite a bit from them via mail order on their web site since they relocated to Navan. The only other place I can think of is La Tiendita on Merivale about a block or so south of Carling, which obviously isn't downtown.

2007 Jul 19
have you stopped into grace on bank street? (I forget the cross street, but it is near wallack's art supply). i have bought some mexican and south american stuff there.

there is also a latino grocery on sommerset (forget the cross street here too), but is not too far from cam kong and so good restaurant.

2007 Jul 19
There is a store on Somerset St. just past St. Lukes church. It is a small store. I have never been in there but I know you can get Latin American groceries. They also rent videos...and have a courier service...

I think that they are called Little Latin America Video's & Groceries and looks like they are at 764 Somerset.

The following is a link to a blog that has a photo of the place. you have to scroll down a bit.

2007 Jul 19
I am impressed by the response time.

These are excellent suggestions. In particular, the Mercado Latino at 764 Somerset looks like it would probably have exactly what I am looking for.

Thanks for the insight.

2007 Jul 19
Little Latin America Video's & Groceries is the place i was thinking of. i have found some hard to find elsewhere sauces there.

2007 Jul 19
Yes, Mercado Latino and Grace Foods are likely your best stops. Mercado Latino stocks fresh chorizo, queso fresco, fresh tomatillos, poblano, jalapeno, etc. chilis... they've also got mexican movies, magazines, etc... small, but good.

2007 Jul 30
If you are looking for cone sugar (Mexican sugar) and Mexican chocolate, the Little Latin America Video's & Groceries sells some good varieties.

2007 Jul 30
Also, there's a little grocery store next to La Cabana restaurant on Merivale - technically speaking it is El Salvadorian and not Mexican, but I'm sure there are similar ingredients to a degree. A friend of mine just picked up some fresh plantains there the other day.

2011 Jan 5
Been digitizing VHS tapes lately (borrowed a VCR and will be getting rid of the tapes once done) and have just gotten to Rick Bayless' Mexico: One Plate At A Time series of 3 tapes. *drool*...

Offhand, does anyone remember seeing huitlacoche (sometimes spelled cuitlacoche also called corn mushroom or corn smut) in any of these stores? I am now really craving.

2011 Jan 5
La Cabaņa/Tiendita carries it, canned, brand is probably Costeņa or Herdez.

2011 Jan 7
Getting to Montreal rd by bus from Elgin is maybe 30 minutes.
You take the 14 or 1 or 7? from Rideau centre.

La Cabana- I was just in that area and taking the 85 from Rideau centre takes around 45 minutes to an hour.
and getting back after 7pm takes over 1 hour (just was at westgate mall, left at bus at 10:20 and was downtown for 10:50pm, then had to get another bus).

As long as the store that is quite far is not a place you go to weekly, it might be worth going monthly maybe?